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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Maybe I'm a Blog Snob

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Say What Already?

Saturday night at dinner...

H:  Mommy, Daddy, EAT!!!
Mommy:  Daddy and I are going out to dinner tonight.  We'll eat then.  Babysitter is coming over to be with you.
M:  What?  Where you go?
Mommy:  Daddy and I are going out to dinner on a date.
H:  Yeah...and Babysitter come for us.
M:  Oh...well, one time, you and Hailey go on date and me and Daddy go on date.
Mommy:  You want us to split up and have our own dates?
M:  Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Mommy:  I like that idea.  Where would you go with Daddy?
M:  Twain twacks...
Mommy:  What about Hailey and I?
H:  Dance class!!!

Guess we need to review the idea of what constitutes a "date," but I loved the fact that Matt wanted to spend time just with his Daddy.


The next day, Hailey and I kind of went on a date...we went grocery shopping and left Daddy and Matt at home.  While we were driving home, we had this little convo...

Mommy:  Hailey, did you have fun on our date?
Hailey (nodding vigorously):  YEAH!
Mommy:  Should we do this again?
Hailey:  Ummm...Matt and I go on date.
Mommy:  Oh really?  You want to go on a date with Matt?
Hailey:  Yeah...we go to dinner.
Mommy:  Just Matt and you?
Hailey:  Yeah!
Mommy:  Well, who's going to pay?
Hailey:  MommyDaddy!!!! (that's the word that she made up to define both of us)

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Updated:  Crazies just woke up to this morning's snow, Daddy pulled up the shades and here's what ensued in squeaky little waking up voices (you know the ones).

Matt:  Oh, it snowing!  I make a snowman right there on the ground.
Hailey:  Yeah...snow!
Matt:  That be cool?  I make snowman right there?
Daddy:  Yes...let's do that.
Matt:  Hailey, you no knock it down this time...okay?
Hailey:  Yeah!