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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snowed In

I do not like Winter.

It's a fact.

I hate the cold, hate the snow, hate the wet, hate the dirty, hate the melt, hate the ice, hate the stupid people driving all over the roads, hate the school closures, the messing up of my schedules (yes, Mother Nature, it's all about me), and basically am just not a fan...did ya get that at all?

However, I chose to live in a place that welcomes the seasons in all of their, for about 25% of the year, I am screwed.

I have learned over the past 2.5 years, that I have to deal with it and am not allowed to curl up under my covers and ignore the day away...I have the Crazies.  They won't let me.

So, this is how we spent our day yesterday...BTW, this is only the first part of the storm.  We got another 12 inches after this, so don't think we were let off easy!

Just had to get a show of the Crazies in their money we ever spent...very well made and warm!  I love these jacket/snowpant combos and will definitely be purchasing them for years to come!  Thanks Children's Place!

Hailey just enjoyed walking around.  Matt was giving dirty looks to people who were driving too fast (you might have to click to see that), and then I put them to work.  Why have children if you can't put them to work???

This is our snowman.  His name is Snowman (not chosen by Mommy).  We love him more than the first one that Mommy built (which Hailey promptly kicked over...she hates me).  He's the best and we'd like to give a special shout-out to GG for the Snowman Kit!  Mommy never would have had this stuff together!

Then we went for a the freezing cold sleet...with the Crazies...and Dog...and it freaking took forever.  BTW, kids are even more heavy when they're all bundled up and have soaked themselves in snow.  Hailey could barely make it back and had to be carried part of the way.  Matt went boneless in the middle of a slush puddle because he couldn't hold Daddy's hand.  Daddy and I only got into one right after Dog nearly took my arm off and he was asking for the leash...trying to assert my independent is sometimes foolish.

The Crazies after our walk...their little cheeks were ridiculously rosy and apparently Matt was upset about something.  Check out the puss on that kid!  YIKES!  Then we settled in, had popcorn, watched a movie, and proceeded to fight about nothing all day.

So, there you have are the things I wouldn't do before kids:  go outside in sleet, enforce child labor, build two snowmen, name a snowman, decorate a snowman, force a child to make a snow angel, take a long walk in sleet, and generally have a good time...what I was missing out on, right???

Oh, and then there's this...