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Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - I Hate Winter...Sue Me...

  • It's only snowed like 3-4 times so far, it's only January, and I'm over it.

  • I hate it a lot, but it's so pretty...that's probably why I like taking stupid pictures of it (see below).

  • The Crazies have been reading up a storm lately...I love it, but as they get older, their books are getting longer and I'm running out of voice!

  • Hailey has a book called her "Us Book."  She will only let MommyDaddy read it to her and she carries it around with her everywhere.

  • Sister is coming in this weekend...her flight was on time (f.u., snow, for trying to ruin my weekend) and I can't wait to hang out with her!

  • Matt won't stop saying "dammit" when he's's driving me crazy (because it makes me laugh and that doesn't get anything accomplished)!!!

  • Now Hailey's started saying it too.  

  • Two midgets running around cursing like little Italian people (except they're blond...fine, little Sicilian people).  That's where "my people" are from anyway.

  • Wait...shit, this post was supposed to be about hating Winter...FAIL!

  • I don't know why, but it was hysterical to see the old dude across the street get really really pissed off at the plow today.  Apparently he had just gotten the bottom of his driveway done and the plow totally screwed him over by knocking a bunch of snow right into it (as usual...I think those guys kind of enjoy being dicks like that...I know I would).  Well, he was so pissed...I kind of felt bad, but still giggled anyway!
  • Why are they two dudes in the cab of the plow anyway?  What?  One can't do it alone?  Ridiculous waste of money IMO.

    • Wherever we go, Matt wants to see the bulldozers plows, but then he tells me "the salt trucks are driving me CRAZY!"  He's a nut.

    • Hailey's dance class was canceled this morning because of the Wintry weather (see?  I can stay on subject) and I thought she'd flip her lid, but she didn't...I was amazed.  Breakdown avoided and I didn't have to do a thing - Mom Win!

    • I have on pants that I bought when the Crazies were little tiny babies.  I remember telling Husband that I needed "dressier sweats."  It's a wonder I ever got laid...oh wait...I didn't.  What does this have to do with Winter?  Hold it!  Sweats rule in the Winter and people probably have less sex because of it.  Think I'm on to something here???
    Thanks Danifred for allowing me to bore everyone for a while.  Talking about weather is fruitless, but things are pretty good otherwise!  I'm a lucky girl this week!

    Hmmm...and What About Me?


    So, with the snow and all that crap, I can honestly say that it's been a little tough to get around to doing anything just for me (omg...even working out...what's up with that?  I want to work out???).  I didn't go out of my way to do anything...saved nails and sushi for Sister's visit this weekend...hmmm...thinking...thinking...zzzzzz...holy shit, I fell asleep a little bit!

    Okay, I did spend a good amount of time taking and editing pictures...I'm really starting to love my hobby.  I started using a new skin care regiment that I love (smells so yummy), so I've done that for myself.  

    I also decided to hang onto my facial appointment next weekend (I was going to cancel it b/c of a birthday party, but Husband agreed to take the Crazies and I'd meet them there).  Mom Win...

    I finished two real (yes, I actually finished 1-2-3 Magic...more to come on that) and one Kindle.

    Oh...I bought myself some funky new socks.  I've never been a "funky sock person," but I'm starting to get into it.  I won't bring myself to buy the ones with the toes...that's just weird, but happy socks do make me happy after a couple of hours of trudging through the snow!

    Holy shit!  I totally forgot!  We broke out our new pot/pan set!  WTF is wrong with me???  I know this may not seem like a lot, but after months (years?) of ingesting teflon, we're finished.  We got regular, good old, stainless steel pots and pans and I'm happy.  I love cooking on them.  I love cleaning them (WTFH???).  I love them period.  May not seem like a lot, but it makes me happy and that's all that matters, right?

    Thanks to Dolli-mama for making me remember Me!