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Friday, February 4, 2011

A Place of my Own

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Friday Night Leftovers (updated b/c I'm forgetful)

  • Hailey keeps telling me, "I'll be right back."  Wonder where she learned that!  I don't know why I find that amusing, but I just do!  She says it with such importance too!
  • The Crazies are obsessed with this song (below)...just the beginning though.  They call it the monsters and beg me to play it over and over and over again in the car.  They haven't figured out that I can bring the CD inside yet...thank God.  They call it "the monsters."  I love it, but I hate it.  Imagine listening to this 30 times in a row.  Today I limited it to 3 times...they managed.
  • After my letter to M**hael's yesterday, I forwarded the link to their customer service department.  I got a phone call from an actual person with an apology and an explanation.  I also got a promise for a follow-up with the store.  That's all I ask.  I am satisfied.  I went back today and spent $70 more.  What is wrong with me?
  •  Why would they put this setting on a toaster???  What the hell could you possibly "reheat" in a toaster???

  • So, I have a facial scheduled for tomorrow morning.  I'm really excited for it and booked it like a month ago.  Yesterday, I get an email from the spa saying that anyone who books a service for this weekend will get 25% off, but those appointments that are already booked are not included.  WTF???  I called to see if they would honor it and they would not.  So, here's the question:  Do I call, cancel tomorrow's appointment, and then call back to reschedule it in the same slot?  Do I really need to play these games???  So annoying!

  • I wouldn't mind being this girl...just for one day...for serious.
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    That's all I got for now...join up with Danifred if you have a bunch of junk floating around in your head that you'd like to share!

Okay, so I love surprise there.  This week Sister was in town and this is what we did...we got manicures and ate lots of sushi...yum!  I also worked out twice, but that's just not enough...must do more!  Oh, I bought a cute and very out-of-character shirt for myself too...Spring-y so I have something to look forward to!  What have you done for YOURself lately???