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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekly Winners

Thanks to Lotus for hosting

So, I bought some flowers this week...three to be exact.  This is what they look like.

This is what they look like from the side.

This is what they look like from the top.

Apparently, I really like them...or just miss flowers because all is dead around me when I go outside.

We worked on some Valentine's this week...then school got canceled for snow...sigh...

But still, reflections of love surround us.

Sunday Senses...look, I made a button (almost a real blogger now, right?)

Just grab it...right click, "save image as," and paste it in your post...a monkey could do it!

Sight:  Sunlight...I am rarely as happy to see the sun as I am in Winter.  It's like a treat that I stole out of my grandmother's cabinet.  I love it and it instantly makes me happy.  Dog sleeping on her pillow.  Winter jackets that have no home.  A shitload of Winter boots that have no home.  Note to self:  next house will have a mudroom.

Hearing:  Crazies starting to stir...Matt is growling and Hailey is quietly squealing at something.  Husband in dining room memorizing Super Bowl stats, I'm sure.  Dog barking somewhere (glad I don't live next door to that's loud).

Touch:  Blanket with foot pocket (awesome), computer, ass is warm this week as blanket is sprawled upon me.

Taste:  Butter Toffee coffee...really?  Can coffee be this good?  I love my Keurig...don't talk about it often enough, but one of the best inventions (and gifts) known to man.

Smell:  Nothing...we haven't cooked anything yet.  I haven't showered yet (hmmm...maybe I have my own special odor).  There are no odors in my house...yet.

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