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Monday, February 7, 2011

Makes My Monday: Super Bowl Sillies and Traditions

Thanks to Cheryl for making me find something good about this wretched first day of the week!

Matt:  The man came to the door and brought us pizza.
Daddy:  Oh!  The man brought our dinner?
Matt:  NO!  He brought us pizza!!!

Apparently Daddy doesn't know the difference between pizza and dinner...silly Daddy!  The best part of this exchange was Matt's tone on that last line...if he had the vocabulary, he totally would have called his father a dumbass and ended up in time-out...I just know it.


Before the game started, they had a bunch of people reciting the Declaration of Independence.  I was watching it with Hailey...

Mommy:  That is the Declaration of Independence...or the Constitution...(I'm a math teacher, people...don't judge)!!!
Hailey:  Yeah.
Mommy:  Can you say "constitution?"
Hailey:  con-si-u-tion
Mommy:  Pretty good...we need that to make sure that we keep our freedoms in America and that everyone gets to make their own choices.
Hailey:  Yeah!  Like PINK BOOTS!!!

Yes, just like pink boots.


Right before the coin toss...

Hailey:  Can I go downstairs to play?
Matt: too!?!?!?

And they seriously continued to be the biggest PITAs in the world...I've never seen anything like it.


The Traditions:

  • Eating our dinner picnic style on the living room floor.
  • Singing the National Anthem at the top of our lungs...Hailey started this one.  She was rocking it with looooooong notes, off-key singing, and lots of arms/hand movements that must make it official.  Thankfully, we were all singing so loud that we missed Christina Aguilera's flub.
  • Kids going to bed at halftime (Husband swears that he's getting a babysitter next year and we're going was that bad...I just don't know what he expected).