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Friday, February 11, 2011

I Thought I Went Too Far...

New post over here...happy weekend, everyone!!!

Friday Night Leftovers

Thanks to Miss Danifred for hosting

  • Why do I call it "chicken Parmesan" when it's just breaded chicken with mozzarella cheese???  Where is the Parmesan part???  It sounds gross to call it Chicken Mozzarella though.
  • Got the BEST early Valentine's Day present...a Kelly Moore camera bag...I am psyched!  I had no idea at all!  Even though it's not my typical color, I love it!
Kelly Moore Site

  •  Lately whenever Matt is trying to talk us into something, he'll say "how bout dat?  Dat be cool?"  Apparently those are the exact words that I use when I'm trying to convince him of something.  I'm sure those words are much cuter coming out of his mouth than mine.
  •  Husband and I are NOT going out to Valentine's dinner this weekend.  I am pretty sure that officially makes us old...or bitchy.  We are sick of having to deal with a price fixe menu when we just want to try the regular menu, so we're going out next weekend instead.  Plus, don't you think restaurants jack up the prices a tad???  Nope, not gonna do it...hope that doesn't mean we're losing our romance.  Maybe we're just getting smarter!
  • There is a bag stuck underneath my car that is slowly burning off.  I'm convinced it's a Hellmart bag b/c that store is going to be the death of me.  First they make the website that has all of those weird people in clothes that are too small for them and now this.  I've had it!
  • Had to give Matt two time-outs in Koh.l's yesterday.  He wasn't listening and yes, I was that woman who has the child that you wish would just shut the hell up...he was wailing.  Then Hailey would just look at me and sadly say, "Hold me" like she was the one in trouble.  So, I did...
  • If you read yesterday's Dance Class Drama post, you may be wondering if Hailey survived...well, yes, she survived.   Although, the instructor picked her up WTF??? on the elevator because she started crying.  My friend told me not to look...that it would make it worse, but come on!!!!  She was fine once she got in there.  Why is this happening now and not with the first two classes???
  • Okay, so did Blossom get a blog on the Today Show site, but I can't make it to 200 followers???  Her post annoys me...thoughts?
  • There are like 500 blankets sprawled around my living it really that cold in here?  Or are we just extraordinarily cuddly people (I can honestly say that the Crazies cuddle up with their blankets on the couch every day before lunch to watch a little bit of The Princess and the Frog and it drives me over the edge with cuteness)!!!
Thanks to Dolli-Mama for this one!

So, what did I do for myself this week?  I got a facial on Saturday and loved every single moment of it...even though it made us horribly late for a birthday party.  It was a rainy, dreary day and it just felt so good to be taken care of.  If you've never had a facial, I highly recommend it.  Your skin feels so great when you're finished.  You also get an upper body massage while the creams work their magic on your skin...heaven!

I also went to the gym three times this week and took my first spin class since Knee (that would be July for those of you keeping score).  If you are new to this blog and truly want to know how demented I am, take a look at the Knee post.  Horrific!