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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday be determined (and updated...finally)

Okay, here we are again...Sunday.

I want to do an evening edition of Sunday Senses, so I will update later...getting a little tired of talking about coffee and Cheerios.

The Linky thing I was using has started to charge and I may just be a little too cheap to buy a subscription, so here's the deal:

  • Leave a comment.
  • Copy my button.
  • Write your own Sunday Senses.
  • Link to me somewhere in there.

Sight - HGTV and freshly manicured nails...go me!
Sound - Ummm...HGTV and some annoying dog barking its head off - STFU!!!  Oh, and sleeping Crazies...can you actually hear "sleeping Crazies???"  Yes, and the silence is lovely.
Touch -Lotion-y hands, blankie (of course)
Taste - BBQ Pretzels since they've discontinued my Buffalo Pretzels (whine, tear, sob) and seltzer
Smell -  Ummm...not much, but I will soon be smelling lasagna quickly followed by sugar cookies for a 2-year old Valentine extravaganza at school tomorrow!

Is it the saddest thing in the universe that I have to reference the button to remember all five senses???  That I can't do it on my own???  

Brain = Fried