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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Valentine Bone to Pick

So, when I get the notice that the Crazies are to bring in some Valentines for their classmates, I was mildly surprised.  Why?  Because I apparently live under a rock and totally forgot that kids love to give out Valentine's Day cards.

Duh give out Valentines...every year.

I had already ordered these cute little kitten lollipop holder things in case we had a Valentine's Day party (WTF was I thinking on that one???), so I was covered, right?

Duh have two kids.

According to other Moms on FB, it is appropriate for each Crazy to give out their own Valentine.  They weren't even being greedy either...they made me realize that it was for each of MY children to feel special when they gave out their cards...something I hadn't even realized.

Duh #3...your kids want to give other kids their will make them happy and feel important.

So, we trekked out to Hellmart to pick up extra Valentine's Day cards for Matthew, some lollipops for Hailey's lollipop holders, and some stickers for Matt to stuff into his cards.  Then, because the Crazies were so good in Hellmart, I told them they could have a lollipop in the car on the ride home.  By the time we arrived home (5 minutes later), they were covered with pink spit...gross.

Duh #4...don't give 2.5 year old kids lollipops...EVER!!!

We got home and reread the instructions from the preschool.  "Don't worry about the children signing each Valentine perfectly.  Let them make their mark."  Okay...we can do that.  Hailey's mark was three lines (because there are three lines in the letter 'H') and Matt's mark was just a mess.

Duh #5...just write the damn name on yourself.

We finally brought them in and the kids had their Valentine's Day celebration.  They "delivered" all of their mail to the other kids and the parents picked their bags up at the end.  When we got home, we opened everything up and much to my dismay, every child had his/her name written legibly in one place or another.  WTF???  THE NOTICE SAID TO LET YOUR CHILD "MAKE THEIR MARK"  CAN'T YOU READ DIRECTIONS, OTHER PARENTS???  

Duh #6...don't assume that other people are as literal as you...they're not...either that, or they can't read directions...yes, it's all their fault.

Now, the day after Valentine's Day, there are still stickers, envelopes, and shredded Valentines all over my living room couch.  I totally want to throw them away, but am afraid that I might start WWIII with the Crazies.  Some things just aren't worth it.

Duh #7...when faced with a mess that you just don't want to deal with, leave it to fester...then ask Husband to deal with it ;)...oh wait...that isn't "duh material," that's pure brilliance!

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