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Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Remix of Ring Around the Rosy (by the Crazies...we honestly taught them the right words...I have no idea how they came up with this):  
    • Ring around the rosy
    • A pocket full of pu$$ies
    • Asses, Asses, we all fall
    • DOWN!
    • Speaking of Ring Around the anyone familiar with the thing that kids do where they fall down and then bang on the floor with their hands.  They chant something and get back up and do it all again???  God, sounds like a cult. 

    • I often wonder if a robber came to our house, would he be pissed?  From the looks of things most days, it would probably look like someone beat him to it!!!  It's horrible...there have actually been times that I walked in the door thinking, "oh man...did we get robbed?"  We didn't's just how we left our house...complete disarray.

    • I got the dreaded "I go poop on you" during a diaper change this week...and the little bugger actually squeezed pushed bore down tried!!!  GROSS!!!
    • We planned dinner out at a real restaurant in public for this weekend.  We had a babysitter all lined up.  We had to promptly cancel said dinner once we realized that it would be our first  night without binks.  Who, in their right mind, would do that to a babysitter???  So, dinner will be next weekend and God willing, things on the bink front will have settled down by then. 

    • Dear J-Lo, Just who do you think you are wearing a dress like this to the Grammy's after birthing twins???  Love, Me

    •  Speaking of binks (which I was like two bullets ago), I had an epiphany last night and took the binks away ahead of schedule.  Hailey was all for it, so I figured that 50% agreement was all I was going to get and I did it.  Husband was at the gym, so it was just me...all alone...with no binks...and a screaming Crazy (just one though).  More on this fiasco next week, but let's just say WE MADE IT THROUGH OUR FIRST NIGHT WITHOUT BINKS!!!!!
    • The weather in our part of the world has been heavenly this week...I am loving it and I'm a better person when we're having nice weather...enough said!

    • Our backyard could seriously be the next sight for the Women's World Mud Wrestling's horrific...why would it just be for women???  Because they'd be courteous enough to hose off before coming in the house!  :)
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