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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekly Winners


Always a blur...

First Manicure

Fiestaware Rainbow

Throwing up Gang Signs

How did she even learn to sit like this?  I love it!

Baby being a sweet
Hop over to visit Lotus (aka Sarcastic Mom) if you want to see some great photos!

Sunday Senses

Sight - train tracks and more train tracks, seltzer, leftover Valentine balloons, HGTV (that NY real estate show...oh, how I miss NYC sometimes), sun streaming through the sliding glass door.

Hear - silence (it's nap time after all...oh, and Husband took Dog for a walk...complete calm) and the cheesy music that this show plays when they're showing houses.

Taste - the lingering taste the Bloody Mary enjoyed at brunch this morning, popcorn.

Feel - a little was a rough night in the Crazies' room last night.

Smell - popcorn.

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