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Monday, February 21, 2011

Makes My Monday: New Baby Edition

Trying to talk her uncle into reading that book for her

Check out Cousin Matt's hand...very supportive

A sweet moment with Mom Mom

We're going to be great pals, Buddy.

We spent Saturday going to see the new baby in the family.  What makes my Monday is watching the Crazies interact with this tiny little being in such a gentle way.  I love the way that Hailey was looking down at him and the way that Matt was holding his little head...they were very careful and thoughtful.  I loved it.  Oh, and no, it did not make me want to have another, don't even ask.

Today we're having our first "nut free" kid come over and I'm a nervous wreck.  How do these parents do it???  I'm reading labels like crazy and rethinking every decision I make for lunch.  Here's what I've decided to serve:

Ham and cheesestick "sushi"
Pineapple chunks
Goldfish (because I've seen him eat them before)

I won't kill him, will I???

Thanks Cheryl for hosting!