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Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • How are Hailey's legs still tan???  I just know her and her beautiful tanning skin is going to make me jealous for the rest of my life and then I'll end up being "that Mom" who is jealous of her own daughter.  I hate myself already.

  • I went an entire day without makeup...for those of you who have been following closely, an event like this typically only comes along when I'm deathly ill or dying.  After all, I wore lipstick all the way through my c-section.  All I can say is that it was a snow day and the Crazies were outside and Husband needed my help...desperate times... 

  • Why in the world do I spend 2 hours a week on this dude???  Can someone please answer that question!?!
  • Gel manicures rock.

  • Is it possible that the Crazies sleep better WITHOUT their binks???  I'm thinking that half the problem we were having was the damn binks falling out of their mouths and scaring them out of their sound sleep.  I am loving life after binks!  (Disclaimer:  This isn't to say that we haven't had any problems, but let's face it...things are better.  Oh, and Matt will only calm down from one of his horrific nightmares for Husband, so that's cool...I just lay in bed and listen for words like "poop" or "throw up.")

  • I am really sick of blogs with word's such a PITA!  I said what I have to say, now let me go!!!  Don't suck me back in with your verification!!!  I have some sort of verification, but I only turn it on if you're commenting on something 5 days old...that makes sense.  Also, if you comment on a blog and your comment needs to be "approved," do you ever go back to see if it's been approved?  

  • Oh, yeah...and there's this...

    Thanks Miss Danifred for hosting!

    Okay, what have I done for you, what have I done for ME!?!

    I went to brunch with a very good friend last week.  The food was delicious (Bloody Mary and Crab Benedict...thank you very much).  The conversation was better.  What a great way to start a day...slightly buzzed, laughing, and with a tummy full of good food!

    Thanks to Dolli-Mama!!!