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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekly Winners

Thanks to Sarcastic Mom for allowing me to share these little nuggets!

Our Little Helper

Hailey's Set-Up...she did this all herself

Ummm...we're not supposed to go any higher... first time outside in a while and I ruin my manicure!  Ugh!

Slightly annoyed that he's not allowed on the roof with Daddy (that's right...we're just getting our Christmas lights down)

Working together???

It's coming...

And this is how our time outside typically ends...

Date Night

That's right...our second date night in as many months.  This may be a personal record for us!

We spent Saturday doing mundane things...groceries, gym, Kohl's (where the Crazies inexplicably received a toy each from Husband because "they're good kids"), naps, dinner for the Crazies, baths, and the arrival of Babysitter.

Oh, a little note about Babysitter:  She isn't horribly failing any of her classes and was accepted into her program at college, so that definitely means she will be graduating this year and I will lose her.  Boohoo...the good news is, she has a younger sister, so I'll train her over the summer and we should be all set by Fall.  The bad news is that the laws changed and younger sister probably won't have her license like of the best things about Babysitter is her license (oh, yeah...and her ability to take care of kids...blah, blah, blah).

Anyway, we arrived at the newest restaurant in our little town and had a drink at the bar.  We talked about real life things...the old days, current events, sports, family, but only occasionally did the Crazies come up (because they were totally nuts during the was hard not to mention that.  Plus, we love them and all that caca).  Woohoo!!!  Go us!

We finally sat down (in a booth this time...not that crappy little table they sat us at last time), I couldn't wait to order.  I love the food at this place.  So, here's the rundown, because you care.

Me:  Oysters on the 1/2 shell (a precious commodity since we're 3.5 hours from the beach...reason #962 I will be moving back to the beach at some point in my life), seared Ahi tuna tacos

Husband:  Rosemary frites (delish!!!!), crab and basil flatbread pizza.

Dessert:  dark chocolate and Bailey's layered cake

Drinks:  Pinot grigio for me and Sam Adams for Husband

Grand total:  LESS THAN $60!!!  Holy crap...I am loving life.

I was so happy.  

I was also in love with my new shirt (damn you, Lauren Con.rad...I wanted to hate your stuff, but I can't...I just can't!)'s the link...lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove

When we got home, Husband gave me a kiss in the sweet.  Then we paid Babysitter and promptly sat down to watch a little Jersey Sh.ore!!!!  Fist pump!

It was a great night (oh, and the Crazies slept through, so that's always a small miracle on Earth, right?)!

So, now I'm going to torture myself with a spin class...wish me (and my tush) luck!!!

What did you do this weekend?