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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dear Preschool (it's a warned),

I have a couple of bones to pick with you guys and figured it would be better to do it online rather than to your face (as I still want the Crazies to be enrolled for next year).

  1. Why the hell would you send out your fundraising packet at the same exact time that we get our information about next year's enrollment?  Is this some sort of guilt thing?  Are you linking the amount that we fundraise to our children's enrollment for next year?  You you could pull the rug out from under us whenever you want if we don't raise enough that what you're doing?  If you are, that's just sick.
  2. In your fundraising packet, you mention that we could always make a donation in lieu of fundraising...well, what are we paying tuition for then?  Aren't I already making a monthly donation???
  3. I'm also wondering why you'd ask for this fundraising $$$/donation at the same exact time that we have to put in our deposits for next year...are you just thinking it would be easier since our checkbooks are already open?  Let me tell feels like our checkbooks are always open!
  4. Why is our fundraising such craptastic crap?  Can we really do no better than bland candies, boring notecards, and Spring-themed knickknacks?  What about a little Candle fundraiser?  At least that's something I'd actually use!  I vote Ann Tayl.or Loft gift cards or child restraints for next year!!!
  5. Did you somehow know that you'd be sending this home on the exact day that I get awesome coupons for Co.ach and Ann.Taylor.Loft?  Now I'm going to have to forgo those awesome coupon deals to put the $$$ toward this fundraising...the injustice!
  6. How motivating do you think it is telling us that our goal is to raise $10,000 and if we do, the whole school gets an ice cream social?  How about we skip the ice cream, put the $$$ spent on the ice cream toward whatever this fundraising $$$ would be going toward, and call it a day?  BTW, is $10,000 even possible?  I'm doing my estimation and my math correctly, if every child that attends the programs from 2, 3, and 4 raises/donates $100, we will just barely clear this $10,000 mark.  Looks like that ice cream social might be a tad out of our reach.
That being said, I love your school and so do the Crazies.  If someone were to ask me to remedy this problem, I probably wouldn't say no.  After all, I hate when someone randomly bitches about crap yet refuses to do anything to change things.  I would seriously loathe that job though and may use words that the church may not approve of...oh wait, I already did.  Guess I'm out of the running for next year...sigh...too bad...

So, if my deposit (ahem, AND activity fee) is a little bit late, it's because I've been out busting my hump trying to sell all of our fund raising crap.  After all, if an ice cream social is at stake, who am I to slack off now.

Looking forward to our continued relationship next year and the year after.  This letter can, in no way, be used against the Crazies for readmission since I already have the enrollment letter for next year...ha, I'm no dummy!  

Sincerely, Mother of Crazies

Dear Readers,

If you are in need to random crap, please email me tout suite...after all, this stuff is due in two weeks!

Love, Me