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Thursday, March 10, 2011

5 Things I Couldn't Live Without

So, I got this idea from Danifred who got it from Tasha and I think that's where this little chain of events ends.

Danifred did her entire family, but I'm excluding Husband.  It's nothing personal...Husband caught my cold (ohmygodtheworldisendingbecausehehasalittlesniffle) and is not in the mood to talk.  I could fake it (yeah...that's what I'll do) though.

  1. Droid...I'd like to think I could live without it, but I can't.  Between texting, Google Talk with Husband, Weatherbug, and random little games, I do love that thing.
  2. Car...there are only two items in my life that I love as much as I did when I first got them.  Car and my engagement ring.  This car is the awesomenest (nope...not a word, but it works).
  3. Laptop...enough said.
  4. Makeup...every single day, said the Long Island Girl.  It amazes me the amount of commenters that ask me about you not use it?  Do you hate it?  Do you share my passion for makeup?
  5. Camera...I have a shit memory, so I remember things through pictures.  
  1. Dance clothes..."tights, weotard, bawwet clothes!"
  2. Bows
  3. Kitty Cat
  4. Dance jammies
  5. Booty
  1. Garbage trucks and "excabator"
  2. Mickey
  3. Puzzles (it's a slight obsession with my Crazies these days)
  4. Cars
  5. "Excabator" shirt...Move It, Move It, Move It (those are the words imprinted on the soon as he pulls it out of his drawer, he reciting those gets obnoxious when he's saying it as you're walking down the stairs).
  1. Me...enough said.
  2. Gym...he's a rat.
  3. Protein...baahahahahahahahaaaaaa
  4. Droid...he's always boasting about how he spends no time on the internet while he's home b/c he's so sick of being around computers all day, but then he stares at his phone like it's eye crack...doesn't a smartphone count as a mini-computer?  Yeah...that's what I thought!
  5. Crazies...these two little children have made his life infinitely better...more than I could even achieve.  He loves them tons and they make him laugh on a daily basis.  That's no easy feat!