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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Senses...sensing a change

Here we go...

Sight:  flowers, grass that is getting a bit greener every day, Thomas and Abby placemats.

Sound:  shower going upstairs, Hailey giving me pretend Mac & Cheese, Matt playing with his trucks and desperately searching for his dirt mounds (whatever those are), a fight brewing over that damn stroller.

Feel:  shoulder hurts (slept on it wrong...hate when I get hurt sleeping), awake which is surprising given the time change and this cold, excited to go to the park today, happy that we booked our trip to OBX for the summer...our first vacation with just the four of us!

Taste:  tomato juice and vitamins...I'm so exciting.  I did have an awesome grapefruit this happy the CSA is back!

Smell:  nothing...this cold is killing me slowly.

Now, you do my post in your post and leave me a comment!  What's going on with your senses today?