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Monday, March 14, 2011

You Suckers Surprise Me Every Time

I had a question posed on the right hand side of my blog last week...I'm trying to do a new one every week to see what you really think.  

It's anonymous...isn't that cool?

You surprised me, yet again.

It's not that I think you guys aren't fit and healthy...I totally do.  It's America as a whole that concerns me as the majority of us are either overweight or obese.

I totally thought that you would say that "working out" is NOT a relevant excuse for missing a social engagement.

Let me start by saying, I'm not talking about a wedding or something like that...I'm talking about coffee or a playdate.

I really thought you'd all say that it wasn't important enough to say "no" to something else.

You surprised me made me proud.  

Out of the 21 people that answered the question, 14 of you (that's 2/3 if you're paying attention...67%) said that it is a valid excuse for missing a social engagement.

Why does that make me proud?

Well, it's because we should be dedicated to our own health.  We should carve out time to dedicate to our own well-being and not be judged for that.  

I have not been in the position to choose working out over a social event...that's mostly because I have no friends, but still...I always thought that if I chose working out over a social event, that would seem stupid to most people...petty...she can do that later...working out isn't that important.

You all proved me wrong...

I have to say though...when I go back to work, I'm screwed.  How do you "working Moms" stay fit?  Where do you find the time?  Is it put on the back burner?  Is it a family priority?  Or is it just you that wants to find time for it?