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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sorry Oprah, but I Disagree With You (oh, and I seriously thought your last season would be better)

Poor Oprah...I'm about to disagree with her and I'm sure that's what she's been dreading all these years.

What could Oprah possibly be wrong about???

Hmmm...of all of the things that she has possibly proclaimed, how could she have gone astray?

I can tell you though...I don't blame her for taking this stand.  After all, this particular group of people have been lining her pockets for years.  Don't wanna piss them off, right?

For years, Oprah has proclaimed that being a stay-at-home-mother is the hardest job in the universe.

Well, I completely disagree.

That's right.  I said it.  I disagree with Oprah.  Let the stoning begin.
Are there hard parts?  Absolutely.

Are there parts that make me want to pull my hair out?  Definitely.

Are there parts that make me hit a wall and walk out of the room out of sheer frustration?  Of course.

Are there months that we could really really use that second salary?  Ummm...yup.

Are there parts that make me think that I suck as a mother? doubt.


Are there parts that are really fun?  Oh yeah...

Are there parts that make me feel like a kid again?  Naturally.

Are there easy parts?  Yes!  (but don't tell Husband...shhhhhh...)

Are there parts that challenge my creativity and thrill me when they work out?  I'd say whenever I tackle a crafty project...not my strong point.

Are there parts that make me feel incredibly lucky to have made the choices that we made so I could stay home?  Every single day.

Are there parts that make me take a picture with my phone b/c I made a really cute lunch?  Yeah...sometimes I hit a high note.  (God, I'm a loser)

Is it the hardest job in the universe?  Absolutely not.

I wonder if I feel this way because I was a teacher before this Mom stuff.  Being a teacher is ridiculously hard and exhausting (especially if you pour your entire being into it...which most teachers do) and maybe I was just used to that, so doing it with my own kids seems like second nature.  

I wonder if I was more careful with other people's kids because I didn't want to screw them up and I'm a little more relaxed with my own because I think I can fix them later on down the road!  Maybe that's why it feels more like fun than work to me.

I wonder if I feel really really lucky because I can spend this much time with my me, I never saw this coming.  I typically don't even like kids.  I actually like mine though!

So, you may ask, what IS the hardest job in the universe?

I'd say working Moms...

You guys hold it all together on a daily basis.

You organize more than anyone knows...meals, clothes, doctor's appointments, meetings, conferences, family outings, work stuff (depends on what you do), your own clothes, exercise time, date nights, etc...the list goes on and on.

What do you think?  Am I way off base?

Have I lost my cotton-picking mind?  (what does that mean anyway?  Is that a southern thang?)

Is Oprah going to come after me and kick my ass?  Or will she send Gayle?  I'd crush Stedman, so I don't think that's going to happen.

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