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Monday, March 21, 2011


New post here...

What Have You Done For YOU Lately?

That's right...the results of the poll are in:

Girls, this ain't good...I got 48 results, but that doesn't really count for anything b/c you were able to choose multiple results, so now I don't know if 48 people voted, or if 12 of you chose 4 things, ya know?

Not the most scientific thing on the planet, but what can you say?  It's a freaking blog poll...

Anyway, my point is that I'm a little worried.  I'm happy that we're all trying to keep up with our hair, but what about everything else???

None of you get facials???  Need I remind you that you're neglecting your largest organ?  LOL

I love whoever sees a therapist and am totally jealous.  I love therapy and pretty much think everyone should indulge in some self-help.  We can all use an outlet.

Pedicure...naturally.  Who the hell can get past this belly flab to paint their own toenails?

Baths!!!  YES!!!  I have dubbed Monday nights my own personal Bath Night.  It's awesome to draw that bath, say good-bye to Husband as he goes to the gym, tell the Crazies not to bother me anymore b/c I need (yes, I emphasize the word "need") to take a bath, and soak myself for at least 40 minutes (desperately hoping I don't drop Kindle in the lovely Lush filled bath water).

I was glad to see that exercise came in second to hair...especially after this post.  I loved the comments and conversations I had after that one.  Kudos to you guys!

Okay, so now I'm wondering...WHY don't you do more for yourselves?  Or were my choices just not something that you would even consider doing?  What did I miss?   If you had more time, what would you do for yourself?  If you had more money, what would you do for yourself?  I really want to know...who knows?  This could be research for the book that I will write someday...yes, will happen.

Oh, and blogging should have gone on there b/c it is an awesome outlet, but I was reminded about it after the poll had started...I couldn't edit it!