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Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • I'm starting to become amazed at what these kids have picked up on...I've noticed that whenever we get their monthly issues of HighFive or Wild Animal Baby, Matt starts thumbing through the pages, ripping out those subscription inserts, saying, "We don't need this!!!  Why do they even put these in?"  It's freaking hysterical.

  • Hailey has become somewhat of a diva lately...she won't eat breakfast, she's practically refusing to nap (unless there are threats attached), she's doing this pouty thing if she doesn't get her way, she's starting to fake cry, she's DEMANDING that she wear a "dressie" every single's exhausting.  We find ourselves shaking our heads in amazement when she leaves a room because all of it, while slightly annoying, is infinitely adorable.
  • Vote on my poll (upper right hand corner)...I need material for my Monday blog posts as I am in a coma by Monday morning!
  • I'm sick of cleaning up seems fruitless.  Husband is not too happy with this development...guess you can't make everyone happy.

  • The Crazies booked me a massage for tomorrow...I'm so psyched.  I haven't had one in ages and my shoulders are KILLING ME!  Do I prep for it though?  I'm pretty sure I should shave my legs and put some lotion on my Winter-y feet.  Moreover, isn't it amazing that the Crazies can book a massage???

  • I also have A coming over to help me with a gardening plan.  She's a Master Gardener, so I need her in my life.  I have this one dark, moist pit (that's what she said) in the back of my yard.  I haven't a clue what to do back there...she's a lifesaver though.  I know she'll be able to help me because that's what she does!

  • Have dinner with J tomorrow night for my birthday too...what a fun weekend, right?  

  • There was a break-in at the preschool.  Someone smashed a window and snatched a purse when a mother was in picking up her child.  It's so weird that it happened b/c we don't really have a lot of crime around here.  Anyway, it's really made me think about leaving the house with all of my shit in one bag.  Seems kind of stupid as all I really need to do is drive to the school, to the gym, home, and back to the school.  If I need to run an errand, I'm starting to plan to run it rather than just stopping somewhere on a whim.  It's actually saving me $$$!  Take that, you silly robber!

  • I came out the Winner in Exchange Shopping* twice this week...once at Old Navy and once at Ann Taylor Loft.  When you are the Winner, you leave the store spending less money than you originally spent.  That rarely happens to me!!! 

  • Oh, and one month until Easter with Sister and GG and about 6 weeks before our Girls' Weekend in Newport!!!  I can't freaking wait!!!!!
  • Keep sending Jen your love...she's home now and the quiet is taking over.  The quiet can be the hardest part of a loss b/c you really start to feel it.  Plus, somehow everyone expects you to resume life as normal, but you've lost sight of what "normal" is.

*  Exchange Shopping is when you get an order in the mail or you buy something without trying it on and it just doesn't work.  You need to exchange it...not return it.  After all, the $$$ is already spent, right?  This is awesome with online shopping...simply awesome.

Have a great weekend and check out Danifred for more FNL!!!