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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cute Baby Saturday

Self-portrait with the Crazies

Ummm...not sure what emotion we were going for here.  Stoic or psyched?

Yeah, yeah, yeah...what's next, Mom?

Ummm...we're bored...what IS our motivation???  (check out Hailey's little hyperextending legs...this freaks me and Knee out big time)

Okay, you wanted a picture of the two of us looking at the camera, I can't do anything about my evil little's in my blood!

PS - Don't judge the Crazies' dirty socks...we have hardwood floors and I never knew how dirty it made socks.  Sorry to everyone I've ever judged who had dirty socks...I just thought you were dirty people who didn't know how to do laundry...I was dead wrong.