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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Remnants, "Real" Smiles, and Rocky

Remnants of a night out with my girlfriend where I had 3 glasses of wine...not my usual 2...what a rebel.  It was a really fun night though...gotta love friends.

I love the way Hailey is looking at him here (yes, she's wearing her Christmas dress).  He thought he was so cool using this table (yes, he's still in his jammies).  I was going for a lazy Sunday morning and letting them do what they pleased...see the above picture for a reason...soon reality literally smacked us in the face and I had to start our day.

"No, no...I said give me a REAL smile!"

Before (when he was still being good and listening to his Mommy tell him NOT to jump on the couch because he'd fall off and clock his head on that table)

After (when he realized that his Mommy is the smartest woman in the world and should always listen to her for the rest of his life)

I was too freaking tired to write a real blog post this morning.  Matt is still waking up at night and, in turn, I'm a zombie.  We would let him go, but we've found that his nightmares work their way into a frenzy and then we can't get him under control...this too shall pass.