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Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - The Birthday Edition

"Mommy!  Mommy!  Look!  A surprise!  A peasant!!!"

"I'm still a little sleepy, but look over there!"

"We help!  We help Daddy wrap peasant!"

"We help you?  We help you unwrap peasant?  A card!!!  Read your card!"

"It's sumpting for ya camera!"

" use this?  You use this wit ya camera?"

"I wear dis shirt and dis shirt."

"I wear my dressie!!!  Where are my Post-it notes?"

Then we had breakfast together.  We traveled out to Goodwill, Old Navy, BJ's, and made a last minute detour to Panera...after all, who want to do the whole lunch thing on their birthday?  Not this girl!
While we were at Panera, the Crazies polished off their Mac & Cheese, their milks, their squeezy yogurts, and an Easter egg cookie.  Hailey managed to flirt shamelessly with the cops sitting next to us...she kept laughing when they'd laugh and then say "you guys are so funny!"

On the way home, Matt was blowing kisses to the trees and telling me they were his friends.  No, I did not take LSD while pregnant.

They went down for their naps easily and I had an hour to catch up on Days before I had to leave for tutoring.  The babysitter showed up, made birthday pictures with the Crazies, and waited for Husband to get home.

I'm sure she started this art project b/c Husband was a smidge late because he stopped off to get me a Carv.el cake!!!  YUM!!!

Don't worry...I shared!

The Crazies sang a rousing round of "Happy Birthday"

It was seriously adorable.

After the Crazies went to bed, I settled down with my birthday wine glass...I drink from this all month in preparation for turning another year older...I kind of love it!

And, of course, where there's wine, there's sushi!!!
It was a great birthday!

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