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Monday, April 4, 2011

MMM, QOTW, and the Smoking Poll

WTF does that all mean, right?

Okay, MMM = Makes My Monday (brought to you by Mrs. Lage)

QOTW = Question of the Week (brought to you by multiples and more)

Yes, apparently I'm just a blog whore today...whatever...I have lots to say after that guy in the big truck pissed me off yesterday.

Here we go...what Makes My Monday today?

ORGANIZATION...yes, it's making its grand reappearance in our house and I couldn't be happier!!!  

Here are our before and after pics:

BEFORE:  Welcome to our pile of art crap...anyone want to draw a picture?  Sculpt something out of Play-Doh?

BEFORE:  That's right...this is only drawer #1 that was taken up in my china cabinet.

BEFORE:  And here's drawer #2...see?  We were overrun with Crazies' art supplies!

That was until my Organized Simplicity book brought it all into perspective...I needed to have our "stuff" look more like this.  Then it wouldn't stress me out.  Huh...there's a concept...less stressful living.

Then I got out my label maker and got really dorky...

God, I'm such a dork...
So, that makes my Monday...things are getting better in this house...which brings me to my next point...

QOTW:  When did it get "easier" for you?

I love this question...because I never believed it would happen.  Women used to come up to me seemingly out of would I know?  I was balancing two infants in their carriers...or trying to lug them down the stairs to Kindermusik...or trying desperately to get them to sit up in the shopping cart.  

Anyway (whoa...flashback), these women would appear and tell me that it would get easier.  They would look me dead in the eye (at least that how it eyes wouldn't pry apart that easily, so I guessed a lot back then...damn sleep deprivation) and tell me, in earnest, that it would get better.

Then I'd beat myself up over the fact that I looked too harried, too stressed, not "put together" enough...basically, I looked like I was struggling and they felt the need to show me some light at the end of the tunnel.  God, did I really look that horrible?  Did I really exude the fact that I was a complete wreck?  Did I really need that light so badly?

Nope...I really didn't.  Fact is, I didn't believe them.  Even truer fact?  I wanted to punch these women in their helpful little faces.  I felt rage.  I felt anger.  I felt depression.  I felt embarrassment.  These women just thought I needed some sort of rope to pull myself out of this hole that I had so obviously dug myself.  

Well, you know what?  I didn't need them.  What did they know?  They didn't know shit.  My situation was different.  My situation was harder.  They had no idea what I was going through.

But they did...

Oh, and I didn't believe that until I found myself telling the mother of an infant that it does get easier...and I meant it, in earnest...then I told her she could punch me in the face if it made her feel better.

Okay, onto the poll...the question was:

Would you discourage your child from a friendship with another child based on the fact that their parents smoked?

  Results:  36% said yes

                  59% said no

                  3% said "I smoke and you're a bitch for even asking."  (one was Husband because he thinks he's sooooo funny, but I have no idea who the other one.  I do know that I'm gonna kick your ass for calling me a bitch though - Hahahahahaaa...just kidding!)

I asked this because eventually, the Crazies will be spending a good amount of time with their "best friend."  Driving in their car, sleeping over their house, hanging out in their family room and I was asking myself if I really wanted them around all that second-hand crap.  I remember how much time I spent at my BFF's house in middle/high school and how I would come home sometimes smelling of smoke.  My mother hated it...and I could see why.  That's where it came from.  I just don't know if I want my Crazies around that all the time.  So, ease up on the name calling!!!  LOL