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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Post Here...Maybe I Should Care...

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The Musings of the Crazies

  • Matt walks into the kitchen the other day holding a dismantled train.  He proceeds to walk right up to us and say, "I'm having issues with this train here."  What 2.5 year old uses the word "issues" in a sentence?  Correctly?!?

  • Hailey's toothbrush has Barbie on the end...she insists on calling her "Garbie" which reminds me of the word "garbage" which makes my inner feminist stand up and applaud.

  • One of the favorite games around here is "Tackle."  Hailey stands in the living room shouting, "Matt!  Get me!!  Get me!!!"  Matt comes zooming into the living room, viciously grabs Hailey around the waist, throws her down on the floor, and holds her skull against the ground.  The whole time, she is laughing hysterically.  These Crazies are nuts...I tell ya.

  • The Crazies were sitting down for breakfast the other day and I was dancing...we have a daily dance party around this house.  Anyway, I was really getting into it and Matt was laughing.  All of the sudden, he says, "Mom, you crack me up so much!"  It was great.

  • When we're driving, and I happen to honk the horn at some idiot, the Crazies are highly inquisitive..."what happened, Mom?"  "Why'd that person come into our lane?"  "Why did he not use his signal?"  "He should NOT be on the phone, right, Mom?"  "Why you beep?"  "Beep again, Mom!"  "That slow guy is driving me CRAZY!"  "Come on, Dude...just make the turn."  Yes, it's amazing what they listen to...YIKES!

  • For some reason, Matt has found it hysterical to grab Husbands "unit" when we're getting ready for bed.  Don't get me wrong...the first couple of times, it WAS hysterical...until I realized that he could be doing this at school!  Or Kids' Zone!  Or anywhere else in the world and that's just WRONG!!!  He's pretty cheeky by saying, "I just teasing...Daddy, I just teasing."  Then I had to nip it in the's not funny.  It's not something we tease about.  If you do it again, you're in big trouble (which means nothing b/c "big trouble" is just a made up phrase I have for behaviors that have no set consequence...just have to make it sound scary).

  • I was at tutoring the other night and Husband had a rough night...Hailey actually said, "I want Mommy..."  That's right...they love me!