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Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - The Pen Pal Edition

  • Dear Garbage Truck...get your brakes checked, for real...signed, Involuntary Early Riser

  • Dear GG and Sister...kinda wish I was hanging out with you guys...signed, Far Away Sister

  • Dear Matt...when you were telling Hailey to "wait her turn" and "I want to concentrate on ME," you were kidding, right?  You're not going through psychoanalysis yet, right?...signed, Concerned Mother Laughing in the Kitchen

  • Dear Husband...thanks for making me realize why all of my hair was falling out.  You rock...signed, Confused Wife Who Really Thought She Was Dying for a Few Minutes

  • Dear Hailey...when I said you had to get dressed in "real clothes" to go play outside, that didn't mean simply putting a dress over your leotard and tights...signed, Mother Desperately Trying to Remove Dirt Stains from Ballet Tights

  • Dear Preschool Moms...please don't make me regret trying to set up a Mom's Night Out.  Just suck it up and attend...signed, Mom Who Put Herself out There Just to See Who Really Is Weird and Who is Halfway Normal (or at least sociable)

  • Dear Contractors...can't you just call me?  I'm really not in the mood to go through this whole she-bang...signed, Lazy Woman Who Really Needs a Kitchen Update

  • Dear Mobile Grooming Company...please rock the house when grooming Dog today.  I don't feel like having to restart my search...signed, Woman Who is Totally SICK of Vacuuming Every Single Day of Her Life

  • Dear Universe...please come up with an alternate career track for me.  The more I listen, the less I want to get back into education...what a mess...signed, Teacher Who Missed the Kids, but Could Care Less About All of the Other Crap (standardized tests included)

  • Dear Matt...stop turning your new garden greenhouse upside down.  It makes it really hard for the plants to grow...signed, Mother Who Doesn't Typically Touch Dirt

  • Dear Hailey...I love the way that you "swim" in the bathtub and your bravery is going to make me email the gym to see if they're waive you Crazies into swim lessons this summer even though you won't be 3 until the end of the summer.  You rock...signed, Impressed Mother

  • Dear Laundry...go "fold" yourself...signed, Fed Up

  • Dear Crazies...we are super proud of you for being able to sit in regular chairs without your boosters for almost a week now.  You've been doing a great job at asking to be excused and not falling off your chairs.  I am so thrilled to have more plastic removed from my decor!  Signed, Proud Momma!!!

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