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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gotta Watch the Squirrel

Randomness abounds when there is a sick Crazy running around:

  • We were driving to the doctor today and Hailey was insisting that her Kitty Cat (a.k.a. Meow) eats grass and fish...nothing else.  Then she's turn to Kitty Cat and say, "right?" and wait for a response and then say, "okay...right."  I love pretend play.

  • Every single time Matthew falls down, whether he's hurt or not, he bounces right up and announces, "I'm alright...I'm alright..."  Such a tough guy!

  • Every time we step out the front door, the Crazies ask if it's okay to step on the grass.  It's how I can tell that we've had a really muddy Spring.  I love that they ask though because I am seriously starting to loathe mud.

  • "Thank you" has become second nature around makes it so much nicer to do things for them.  They're smart kids realizing this young that manners will get them special treatment.  I guess that brainwashing paid off!

  • I am in love with Skinnygirl margarita, but should warn you against rimming the glass with rock teeth hurt right now (yes, I wrote this post at night and not at 6 AM in the morning).

  • I was that "Mom you love to hate" at the pediatrician today...and I'm going to brag about it.  The Crazies were both well dressed (which had nothing to do with me...they dressed themselves).  I actually remembered paper and crayons (two separate bags of crayons so that WWIII wouldn't break out in the waiting room...I'm learning).  They colored quietly and showed me their pictures without ripping each other's faces off.  No one cried in the exam room (not even me).  They didn't fight over who got which sticker...they actually seemed happy for each other when a treasure was found amongst the crap.  It was a miracle and had to be documented.  You can resume hating me now.

  • Matt did squeeze his eyes together really tight when the doctor came at him for the examination.  It was really cute and he relaxed a little bit when we told him what she was going to do.  I've never seen that reaction in him before.

  • Hailey reaped the benefit of being the healthy twin on a sick day...she got to watch a movie, stay home from school, have a field trip to the doctor, and eat an ice pop for her snack.  I think she's finally seeing the upside of this twin thing.

  • She's also been spending so much time underwater during her baths that I'm worried she'll turn Mermaid.

  • Whenever we let the water out of the tub, Matt pulls the drain out of its home and chants, "gotta watch the squirrel...gotta watch the squirrel."  It took us a little while to figure this out, but he was talking about the swirl that the water makes when it's emptying to the ocean...that's where all water goes in this the ocean.  Thank you, Nemo for that misleading science lesson.