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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Crazies' Version of Organization 101

So, recently our Mommy has been on a little kick...she wants to throw everything in the garbage.

This makes us sad...we like lots of STUFF!!

"Don't throw our STUFF away!"

Anyway, when she put this poll on her blog, she was a little dismayed at the results (that's right, we know the word "dismayed"), but a little happy because she wasn't alone in the chaos that is called our Home.

Whoa!  You guys are really messy!  We don't feel so bad now about the state of our basement (although every time Daddy goes down there, he sighs and shakes his head...that can't be good).

Since it looks like you guys could use a few tips, that's what we have...a few tips.  Seriously folks, we're taking baby steps.

Mommy has done a couple of things that have really simplified her life and we're going to share them with you...for free.  We thought we could get paid, but Mommy said that was unethical...whatever that is.

  1. Living Area - The only thing Mommy can do right now is hope that Summer gets here fast.  Our jackets have taken over and it's gross.  Mommy and Daddy clean up every time we go to sleep, but it's not enough.  We like to call this area Our Second Playroom.  The one thing that Mommy did do to organize this area is put these cool hooks up in the coat closet.  She hangs our school bags and Hailey's dance bag there and she says she "loves it."  She says it gets them "outta her face."  Seriously, Mom...they're just hooks.
  2. Kitchen - Mommy has followed through on her New Year's Resolution and kept up with her meal planning.  We have 3.5 months of meals on our fridge and she's pretty proud of that.  She moved a few things around too.  She read somewhere that people should have access to the silverware and glasses without disturbing whoever is cooking (which is usually her).  So, she moved the silverware into a different location and all of the utensils that were previously kept on the counter into a drawer.  It's much neater and no one bothers her while she's cooking...that's always good.  She also labels our leftovers with the date (omg...she uses this dorky labelmaker)...this is kind of "much" to us, but whatever...she likes it.
  3. Dining Room - This is our main eating area, but it doesn't get too messy.  Mommy and Daddy got these shelves for our art stuff, so things have gotten a little nicer in here.  
  4. Purchasing Information
  6. Play Room/Family Room - fuhgettaboudit...always messy.
  7. Master Bedroom - a lost cause.
  8. Garage - we don't have one.
  9. Guest/Kid Bedroom - the one thing that we've noticed about our bedroom is that Mommy doesn't keep a ton of toys in here.  There are a lot of books, but she mainly has us use our room for sleeping...not playing.  She also throws clothes that don't fit into the hallway when she gets annoyed at our drawers (we share a dresser, so space is a precious commodity...we each only have one drawer for our everyday clothes).  Then she puts the clothes into a bag in the guest makes it easier when we're switching sizes because she can do it gradually.  The guest room is pretty much neat when we're having visitors and becomes a "catch-all" when it's just us.  We don't go in there too much unless there's a garbage truck coming down the street...that's pretty awesome.
Most of you said "it's all a mess" which is disturbing to us!  Your poor children!  

Anyway, we just thought we'd share the baby steps that Mommy has taken.  We're pretty sure she'd be happy if she could get rid of all of our toys, but that ain't way, no how.

Tell us about your baby steps...what keeps you sane on a daily basis?