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Thursday, April 14, 2011

You Must Have Me Mistaken For Someone More Awesome and My Woman Cave Dreams/Aspirations

So, while I was reading through some of yesterday's comments, it seems that you have mistaken me for someone much more awesome.  I'm just average though...sorry to burst your bubbles.

When I mentioned 3.5 months of meals planned, I meant the past 3.5 months!!!  To date, I'm only planned through Sunday of this week.  I was just proud that I'd kept up on it since January...go me!

Then deflated that you mistook me for freaking Martha Stewart and I could never live up to your expectations!  ;)

I know there are people who can plan meals for an entire year, but that just ain't me.  I can only go week by week because life around here is a little nutso!!!


So, some of you know how badly I want a space of my own in our next house.  Our space is pretty limited in this house and that's fine...this was supposed to be our "starter house."  Thanks to those idiots who took out loans they couldn't afford and the bankers who were greedy that they would have sold their own testicles for bigger bonuses, we've been stuck here a little longer than we originally thought.

Not that I'm bitter or anything.

Anyway, I started this fantasy of having a room of my own...of my very own...where no one else was allowed.

Doesn't that sound heavenly?

I already know the color scheme and that I'd want a bunch of windows, a large table for projects, my very own desk (imagine that!), bookshelves for my very favorite books (as many are now housed on Kindle...what a space saver), a lounge chair with a pretty lamp, maybe a refrigerator...hmmm...I should have it soundproofed too...maybe a kegerator... lost in my own fantasy.

As I was browsing through blogs the other day, I happened upon this page...just click it.  It will make you happy.  It's titled A Room of Her Own...perfect, right?

I just freaking love it!!!!!!

Here are the parts that send me over the edge!

  • The watercolor of the dress hanging above the desk...much too frilly for any other room in the house, but perfect for MY room.
  • The closet painted a serene color...what a little hiding it!
  • The DISCO BALL???  REALLY???
  • Those tiny little vases that Husband would deem "useless" each with its very own bloom
  • Multiple bulletin boards for pieces of inspiration that float in my general direction
  • A couch
  • A table and chairs
  • A window seat
  • I just can't stand it all!!!!!
  • Oh, what about the neutral walls with white accents???  Don't you just love that workspace???
  • Frilly and totally girly chandelier...I'm dying over here!!!
  • See that capiz chandelier in the picture with the zebra chair...I have my living room...and I still want the white one!!!!
  • Zebra chair???  EXCUSE ME!!!!!
 So, what would you have in A Room of Your Own?