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Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - My Children Are Trying to Kill Me

If you enjoy having sick children who just want to whine and complain, then move on...this post ain't for you...and I don't want to hear how you do it...I just don't.

  • I am not a good "sick kid Mom."
  • I am woman enough to admit that.
  • I do think that sick kids deserve special treatment...which is pretty big considering the fact that I don't think anything really deserves special treatment...I know, I'm a cold, heartless bitch.
  • I'm cool with that.
  • When one child is sick, I can kind of handle that...for like a day or two, but just knowing that the second child is going to get sick too...that sends me over the edge.
  • Then there's the sleep deprivation...the demands...the sounds...the bodily fluids.
  • It just isn't healthy for us to be awake this much in the middle of the night.  It's seriously effecting my "systems."
  • And my ability to write fluidly.
  • It's one thing if I offer water in the middle of the night when he has a high fever...that's just good sense.  It's another thing if he suddenly starts expecting it and gets pissed if it's not there at his beck and call...and then he wakes up his sister...who is fighting this virus like champ and losing.
  • The cough is horrific sounding, but doesn't really seem to bother them too much...unless you considering losing all ability to breathe worrisome.  Apparently, we don't.  It's just for a few seconds...
  • I remember hearing kids cough like this in public when the Crazies were little...I just couldn't believe that someone would bring a kid that sounded like that into a public place...what about the rest of us???  I totally get it now.  I was a stupid new mother who thought I knew everything...I didn't know shit.
  • Why do they cough in my face?  Don't I deserve better treatment than that???
  • The craps that come at the end of a sickness are just demented...toxic...cleansing...horribly disgusting.  
  • Apparently I'm not a good "gross shit mother" either.
  • I'm cool with that too.
  • I get mad sometimes...I'm only human.
  • I have to post about the private blog on here b/c it doesn't show up in everyone's update/reader me a "bitch" if you want, but I have my reasons.  It's not just to rub it in your face.
  • We were supposed to go to Philly this weekend to see Great-Grandmom and drop Dog off for her two week stint with Mom Mom and Pop Pop...Hailey woke up with her froggy little voice and runny nose TOTALLY excited about our trip.  I just don't know if it's going to happen and it breaks my heart that I might have to disappoint her.  I just don't want to bring a stupid virus around a 90 year old woman...doesn't seem too bright to me.
  • Anyway, I suck at this "sick child mothering."  They should write a book on this...coping to shield yourself from immeasurable snot...teaching your children compassion for the other sick child no matter how developmentally inappropriate...blah.
That's all the complaining I have for today.  This post brought to you by Danifred and OnDemand - thanks, Sid the Science Kid, for getting me these 24 minutes to get all of this out.  Sometimes, TV rocks.