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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Just Don't Get It and Things With Which I'm in Love (God, is that even grammatically correct?)

Why the hell am I LOSING followers?  I'm just getting more and more no one into that sort of thing anymore?

Anyway, I figured I'd dive into a list of things that are currently stealing my heart:

  • bare feet
  • short sleeves
  • no jackets
  • having Matt wear only one shirt (he was freaking obsessed with wearing multiple shirts for a
  • sidewalk chalk
  • dirt
  • flowers
  • sunshine
  • seltzer
  • wine (why does nice weather make me want to get drunk and really lazy?)
  • the fact that the size that I thought I was in capris/shorts isn't really the size I am...and it's in a good way
  • summer vacation plans being firmed up
  • not having a dog (she's at the in-laws for a visit...thankfully)
  • Matt's new haircut
  • Hailey's bare legs
  • Lemon spray that I can use on anything
  • Husband...he's cute when he's tan, but this 1/2 marathon thing is kind of wearing on me...there's just so much running involved!
  • our CSA...they have alpacas this year
Image credit - sad story though

  • how Matt sleeps with his arms over his head
  • how Hailey will tell me she loves me out of nowhere
  • the fact that we're moving ahead on our kitchen update
  • our new steamer for our actually makes me want to clean...well, a little...I sure think about it more now
  • skinnygirl with salt on the rim
  • yellow beets, kohl rabi, kale, spinach, carrots, beans, onions, garlic, potatoes, apples, juicer oranges (that's right...I juiced my own orange juice and it was freaking awesome), grapefruit, and all of the other fruits/veggies I am using on a daily basis...I love to learn how to cook new things even if they take a little getting used to and the Crazies flat out ignore them...their loss

What's making you swoon lately?  
Could it be un-following my blog?  
Does that make you happy?  
Well, freaking knock yourself out!!  
(not that I'm bitter or anything)