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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Few Updates

  • Matt is doing much better after his seizure...he's grumpy and tired, but who wouldn't be, right?

  • Thank you all for checking in with us and sending your good wishes.

  • We went to the pediatrician for Hailey's neverending cough and had Matt checked as well.  They both have the V-word...a virus.  Blech!  Hate that's just code for "you're screwed and have to suffer through this crap."

  • She also told us that there was little chance of Matt having another seizure since they started later then usual age-wise.  

  • That doesn't mean that I won't be totally over-the-top hyper-vigilant whenever he gets a fever though.

  • We had an awesome weekend in Boston for Easter...really fun.

  • I will post more about Easter and our travels tomorrow...I gotta get it all together in my brain first.

  • During naptime yesterday, I actually tried to take a nap...I never do this.  Hailey wouldn't stop coughing though, so I convinced myself that she didn't nap (even though she seemed totally sleepy when we went to get them).  After I got home from tutoring last night, Husband informed me that she's coughing in her sleep...he went in to give her VapoRub and she was dead asleep...coughing her ass off.

  • At the same time, Matt was in his bed screaming, "Dammit, Hailey!  Stop coughing!  DAMMIT!!!"  That kid is a trip!

  • Aside from waking up at 1:30AM last nigh to give Matt his medicine, we finally got a full night's sleep...and I'm still tired!

  • One funny story from Boston:  We're on our way to the airport to come home.  We, like morons, forgot our EasyPass, so we had to use the CASH suckers.  We pull up to the booth and the attendant is Japanese.  We're not there for 1.2 seconds when Hailey starts screaming "CHUBACHI!!!  MOM, IT'S THE CHUBACHI MAN!!!"  Yes, in Hailey's world, the word "chubachi" is the same as the word "hibachi" as in the Japanese cuisine.  I'm pretty sure she expected him to set my dollar bill on fire and crack a damn egg over it!  We were laughing so hard!

  • OMG...most importantly...I did it...I hit "mark all as read" yesterday on my Google Reader.  I was almost 500 posts in and would never climb out of that hole.  So, tell me if I missed anything interesting, funny, or otherwise please...I'm totally out of the loop!