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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Don't Talk About It...The Jinx In Me...

You know when things are going so well that you want to say something, but you know if you do, it will stop?  

But you do it anyway???

  • Like when you're on a road trip...and you're not hitting any traffic...and lightly mention something to your travel companion...and all of the sudden, there's a 25 car pile-up right in front of you that closes the highway, you haven't peed in 4 hours, and you can't get off at an exit...10 minutes from your destination???

  • Like when you get the kids to the shoe store FINALLY, remember to make them wear socks, get there right after the place opens (so it's empty), get the nice saleslady, pick out good pairs of shoes, get through the parking lot without being mowed down, get both Crazies in their car seats with snacks and drinks...only to realize that the saleslady forgot to use your coupon (no fucking way did I go back in...sorry, Husband)???

  • Like when you're flying and you leave the house on time, make it through security relatively easily, have a nice lunch, take off on time, have good kids during the flight, have your baggage waiting for you when you arrive at baggage claim, don't sit on pee in the public restrooms, get the rental car without incident (with an of charge), get on the road without incident, make it to your destination without getting lost, politely answer "good" when people ask you how your trip was, and then marvel to each other in private about how smoothly everything went...only to have your children come down with fevers and The Sick that very night???

  • Like when you're starting to get really proud of yourself for getting to the gym on a regular basis,  getting a good routine going, actually starting to lose some weight, and then you mention something to your friend...only to have your kids be sick for 3 weeks and ruin any chance you have of working out???

That's right...I'm a jinx.  I try so freaking hard not to be a jinx, but I am a total jinx.

If I could only keep my damn mouth closed and just silently congratulate myself for these small miracles, life would be grand, right?  So, why can't I do that?

Do I just want to make sure these situations are REAL?  Do I think they're make-believe and think that I just need to confirm with another living being???

I just need to shut up...for real!

Are you a jinx???  Give me your situations...I need to know I'm not the only one.