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Friday, April 29, 2011

I Can Feel It Coming...

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Friday Night Leftovers - Sick, Fog, and Summer

  • Now that the Crazies are starting to feel better, I'm sick.  Now I know why they whined so's all I want to do!

  • Oh, and they're getting their energy back right when I'm losing all of mine...this should be interesting.

  • Out of 11 Mom's for the Mom's Night Out that I planned, 5 (including myself) showed up last night.  I heard from most who were not coming (going out of town, sick, etc.), but there were a few that were just rude enough not to even respond...and to that, I say, "FUCK YOU! THAT'S RUDE!"

  • There...I feel better now.

  • This week has been a complete fog.

  • I have another contractor coming to look at the kitchen today, but I'm pretty sure that we're going with the first I just feel like I'm wasting time.

  • Dog is coming back this weekend...can't say that I'm thrilled.  My house was finally clean.

  • My "seedlings" have taken over my living room...can't wait to plant the garden this weekend.

  • I am pretty damn sick of Royal Anything...I'm over it.

  • Our wholesale club has beach toys with Cars and Princesses on the buckets, but they were $15 each and I'm not going to pay that amount of money just to get a freaking decal on the side...I'll put stickers all over the dollar store buckets and shovels and they'll build sandcastles just the same...never knowing the difference.

  • Speaking of summer, I need a new bathing suit.

  • Here are the results of the survey from last week...interesting.

  • I only had one bathing suit last year, but I'm going to have two or three this year...I plan on being at the pool more frequently as there is nothing else I have lined up for the Crazies!

  • Great...just more time wondering what's jiggling behind me!  LOL

  • I can't wait for our OBX'll be so nice to go somewhere new!

  • Check out the new poll...I need some input!
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