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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cute Baby Saturday - Easter Threw Up On Me Edition

We got some Easter baskets that were artfully crafted by the Easter Bunny...awesome job, E.B.!

We made some really cute faces...and played with the titty tats a lot.

We had an awesome Easter Egg Hunt (at which Matt had to open each egg before he could move to the next...he never snuck candy though...just wanted to know what was in there).

We got a family shot with 3 out of 4 members looking at the camera and smiling.

We got some other pretty cool group shots...our lovely hostess and host who allowed us to completely take over their house for days and Sister, GG, and me with the Crazies!

We fell in love with GG all over again, made a Bunny Cake, yelled "I gotta big boogie" 1,238,572,835 times, and "hugged" our sister.

And naturally, we had some sad faces along the way, but all in all, a great weekend!