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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Day With Hailey

Husband had to go to pick up Dog this weekend.

I was sick.

I was bitter.

I didn't want to be left alone with two kids who had more energy than I did for another day.

He suggested (without prodding) that he take Matt with him for the entire day.

I resisted...I didn't want to seem weak.

He insisted that it would be fine.  The Crazies seemed on board (as long as Hailey was promised a "dressie").  I relented.

We talked about it all morning.

They seemed fine.

We moved car seats and Husband and Matt took off to get Dog and visit some friends.

Hailey and I had plans...big plans.

Here was our blueprint for our day:

  • Mall
  • Shop
  • Dress
  • Pretzel
  • Lunch
  • Nap
  • Food shopping
  • Sushi/"Chubachi"
  • Movie
  • Sleep
Hailey trying to give me a "thumbs up" while eating her own pretzel at the mall.

    Sounds heavenly, right?  It are some of the highlights:

    1. Being able to get out of the car without running around in circles and grabbing children by the hair to save them from passing cars.
    2. No fighting.
    3. The ability to give Hailey what she wants without having to explain to her why we need to compromise.
    4. Allowing Hailey to have her very own pretzel.
    5. Letting Hailey throw two coins into the fountain and making one wish for herself and one for Matt...her idea.
    6. Showing her the prettiest pink dress and telling her that she could wear it the minute we got home without having to find something equally awesome for Matt.
    7. Giving Hailey her first taste of Diet Coke as I had left her sippy in the car.
    8. Not worrying about dragging a double stroller to the second level of the mall just because I wanted to check out a hat at J. Crew.
    9. Letting Hailey explore the entire back seat and not really getting annoyed that she wasn't getting in her car seat.
    10. Talking to Hailey while I drove about things other than "excabators" and car carriers...although there was a good amount of that too.
    11. Eating lunch at Panera and enjoying it...I didn't feel like I was herding cattle.
    12. No fighting.
    13. Reading Hailey whatever books she wanted before her nap without having WWIII break out.
    14. Realizing that Hailey would actually take really awesome naps if she didn't have a loud mouth brother waking her up every afternoon.
    15. Being able to use a regular cart at the grocery store rather than one of the "cruise ships" with the car on the front.
    16. No fighting.
    17. Calling for sushi/"chubachi" only have one little voice asking me "what you doin?" rather than two.
    18. Laughing about how windy it was.
    19. Hailey helping me carry in the groceries laughing her tush off about how big the toilet paper was and how hard it was for her to carry.
    20. One Crazy helping me put away the groceries rather than two fighting about who puts the lunchmeat away.
    21. Eating our sushi/"chubachi" together while discussing how pretty her "dressie" is.
    22. Trying to Skype with GG to make it a true Girls' Day...and actually succeeding after GG fixed the mouse that she had earlier launched across the room.
    23. Watching a movie while waiting for the guys to come Hailey her request for Angelina Ballerina without having to explain to another one that it was her turn.
    24. Giving her a bath all alone...she got to play with all of the water, all of the toys, and get out whenever she wanted.
    25. No fighting.
    26. Again, reading whatever books she wanted.
    27. Tucking her into bed knowing that she won't be kept awake by her brother.
    It was a great day.  I can't believe it took over 2.5 years to have a day alone with her, but I loved every single minute of it!  

    Hailey helping me vacuum in her pretty "dressie."  She was so happy!

    This is not to say that I didn't miss Matt, but it was just nice to have one for a day.  Next time, we'll switch and Husband can take Hailey for the day and Matt will stay with me.  I'm glad we're finally at the point where we can do this and not be all crazy about having them together all the time.