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Monday, May 9, 2011

Makes My Monday: Marathon Edition

I know...I'm totally going against the grain and NOT posting about how wonderful my Mother's Day was (because it was and it totally rocked the house and I'll probably spend the rest of the week talking about how great it was...unless you're going to tune in for tomorrow video of Matt saying the eff word...that's pretty awesome too).

I'm a rebel...what can I say!

Instead of posting about myself, I'm posting about the person who made my Mother's Day so awesome (and most of the other days...let's face it).


That's right...13.1 miles...on foot.  God, I don't even like to drive 13.1 miles!!!

That's where I waited...but he was already finished...because we never arrive anywhere's a rule when you have twins...or kids...or pets...or a vagina.  Speedy little bugger that Husband is though!  He finished in one hour and 48 minutes!

We finally found him and this is what he looked like...ecstatic!  Jubilant!  Handsome!  Conscious!  Not sweaty!  Wait...did you really just run 13.1 miles???  I don't believe it!  You look too good!

Hugs from his fans...

This made it all worth it.

One of our friends ended up here, but she's fine.  If I ever get my hands on the dude that bumped her though, he's dead meat.

I left "helpful" little signs like this around the house so that when Husband awoke at the ass crack of dawn to put his body through torture, at least he would have laughed first!  Such a huge help, aren't I?

Go visit Cheryl at Twinfatuation if there's something that is making your dismal Monday a little more awesome (God, have I used the word "awesome" enough today???  Get a freaking Thesaurus!)!!!