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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Matt's Very Bad Word

There is a backstory, but the video won't be sorry...

Note:  Please make sure all old people, priests, and small children are out of ear shot...or put on your damn headphones.

That's right...not only did my angelic little son use that word, he totally sold his father out as well.

In fairness, Husband is mortified about this incident.  When they were driving the other day, he got cut off really bad and muttered "fuckface" which delivers a very different connotation than the word Matt was saying.

Matt immediately reversed the parts of the word and took it to another level entirely.

Husband tried to tell him they were talking about a "race truck," but apparently Matt heard what he heard and isn't turning back.

Luckily, after this incident and my stern talking to at the end, I haven't heard it again.

Could you make Husband feel better and share similar incidents?  I know there are some out there.