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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day...because I had to...

Mother's's always been a weird holiday for me.

Growing up, we tried our best to make our mother feel special on Mother's Day, but I'm guessing that we typically failed at that...

When I was in my 20's, I generally worked in restaurants on Mother's Day, so I could see everyone all dressed up in their Sunday best making sure that dear old Mom felt special.  I felt like I was intruding on their celebrations and it was at this point that I decided that staying in on Mother's Day would always be my preference.  It's also when I decided that I'd like to be black for a little while...seriously...when black people dress in their Sunday best, they really do it right.

In my thirties, I struggled through Mother's Day for various reasons...not living close enough to my own mother and Nana, infertility and wanting to ignore this holiday altogether, being pregnant and entirely different set of issues.

Wait...I'm still in my 30's...why am I rushing out of this decade?  I should have written "in my EARLY thirties."  That doesn't make me sound old, right?

Anyway, this is the first year that the Crazies would really be involved, that I could enjoy some time with them and some time alone.  I also held some comfort knowing that I'd be seeing my own mother next weekend and that she was with my brother.  As long as she wasn't alone, I felt better.

So, let's just say that this year's Mother's Day rocked the farking house...for reals.

I won't get into details (unless you really want me to), but here are the highlights (remember, I do this for myself and my own record memory is shot and I will never remember how awesome this was if I don't get it it was, I was updating my "notes" on my phone all day long for fear that I wouldn't remember it at the end of the day!):

  • Crazies not waking up until 7:39 and Husband saying, "you stay there...I'll get them."  I nearly died right there.
  • Listening to them sign cards, make recordings, and giggle about the gift in their room while I perused the Food Network (and became increasingly ravenous...I was NOT getting up though).
  • Having Matt come in and say "Happy Mother's Day" in his cute little raspy I-just-woke-up voice.
  • Watching the Crazies come in with a gift bag...each carrying one handle...and trying to walk in different directions.
  • Allowing them to get up on the bed with me and watching Hailey unwrap my presents and open my cards.
  • Getting a recorded message from the Crazies in a really cute photo album...Husband didn't have time to print out pictures and write inside the book with his race the previous day, but I printed out the pictures that I wanted and told him to "write something nice."  We'll see when he gets around to it!
  • Two Coach wristlets...that's right...I need two!  One is for the beach/pool though and one is for everyday use.  Can I just tell you how handy these things are?  I have to exchange one for color, but they're perfect!  (you may be wondering why I got was I, but apparently there was free shipping if you spent a certain amount and Husband is a SUCKER for free shipping...hey, if it benefits me, who am I to argue???)
  • Having them migrate downstairs with the promise of coffee.
  • Texting with my sister, Cousin, and a few of my friends as I languished in bed for way too long.
  • Having another cup of coffee.
  • Taking an uninterrupted shower.
  • Pancakes and bacon prepared by Husband.
  • Reading a whole magazine while sitting on the deck as the Crazies played in the yard.  Husband even took some time to relax with me out there.
  • Eating lunch outside...Husband prepared lunch for the was heavenly not to have to think about meals.
  • Being ushered off to my pedicure with the promises of "we'll be fine" and believing it to my core.
  • Feeling a tad hungry after my pedicure and going to get some awesome frozen yogurt instead of rushing home.
  • Sitting in the car eating my frozen yogurt without having to explain to ANYONE that it was an "adult food" and that they couldn't have any.
  • Going to Kohl's and finding two bathing suits that look good...special thanks to Dana Buchman for making bathing suits for real rock.
  • Stopping by Home Depot for some flowers and finding exactly what I needed.
  • Sushi for all guessed right!
  • Not having to prepare a single meal and only changing one diaper...awesome!
  • Loving every single minute of my day.
Again, don't get me wrong...I don't mean to brag about this.  Part of me is in disbelief that this day was as perfect as it actually was, but part of me just wants to get it on record. 

Special thanks to Husband for making me feel so are incredible (even though your legs were killing you)!

Do you know how hard I'm going to have to work on Father's Day though???