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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away...No Wait! I Want to Feel You!

So, it's been raining a good amount in the Eastern part of our country.

So much so that people have joked about building arks and canoeing to work...oh my gosh...the jokes never stop on FB, do they?

Anyway, I was picking the Crazies up from preschool on Tuesday.  Our next to last Tuesday session.  Preschool ends this coming week and I will be holding a memorial service for those 4 hours that were mine...all mine.

I digress...shocker.

As I walked in to get them, the drizzles started up...again.

I cursed the rain and whoever though that April showers were the thing to sing songs about and hurried inside.  After all, my hair was straight and that was the priority as I had to tutor that night.  Frizzy hair was not what I felt like dealing with.

My life generally revolves around my hair...sad, but true.

I receive my hugs from the Crazies and start toward the door.

As I near the door, I realize that it is seriously pouring out.  My hair has no chance, but now I have Slow and Slower with me.  I know that I will be pummeled with requests to play on the playground, jump in puddles, walk on the grass, touch the "big rocks," and countless other things that I will have to say "no" to because of my hair.

I turn to zip jackets, tuck hair into hoods, make sure that Hailey's rain boots are on the right feet, and tell Matt that if he asks to watch "Bob the Builder" one more time that I'll have a nervous breakdown.

That's when another mother literally laughed at me.

When I turn around to go, the rain had let up.  It was now a light rain, but still hair-ruining-rain.

Let's get going!
Mommy, it not raining...can we play on the playground?'s soaking wet!
Mommy, I walk on the grass, okay?
Not don't have your rain boots on.
Mommy, I say hi to the big rocks?
I don't think so, Honey...they're all wet and I don't want you to slip.
Let's hurry up...we're all getting wet!
Mommy, I like the rain.
There's our car!
Okay, let's all get in the same side so we're nice and dry.
Okay, Hailey, let's get you in first.

Well, this girl proceeds to walk to her door in the slowest manner you could possibly think of.  The entire time, her little palms are turned upward and she's blinking like a crazy person.  I look at Matt and notice that he's doing the same thing.  

They both have these incredible little smiles on their faces and are thoroughly enjoying their first experience with rain this year.  

I completely forgot that they don't have a long term memory of what rain was like from last year or possibly even from the Fall.  It's like they're experiencing it for the first time...and who the hell am I to rush something like that?

You like the rain?
YEAH!  It feels cool on my hands!
Oh yeah?  Well, look up!  What does it feel like on your face?
Ooooh...Mommy, it tickles!
I yike it!

And there we were...standing in the madness of a rainy preschool pick-up experiencing rain for the first their Crazy little minds.

It was awesome.

So, maybe I don't rush through every little thing anymore.  Maybe I'm a few minutes late because we had to figure out what a buttercup was or where an ant was going.  I am constantly reminding myself though that one day, they'll curse the rain (after all, they are my children), stomp through a buttercup patch, and ignore those pesky little ants.  

Until that day though, I'll allow them the luxury of slowing down and feeling the rain.