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Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - Is This Month Over Yet?

  • This month has been insane...we haven't had one weekend where we weren't running around like total nutjobs.  The weeks haven't been calm either.  Between traveling, being sick, school, tutoring, work, and going to the gym, we haven't stopped.

  • Especially Husband.

  • Mandy was right...I really dicked myself over for Father's Day.

  • Preschool is over this week...I want to cry.

  • Hailey's dance recital is this weekend.  Her costume is so cute it makes me wet myself whenever I see her in it...well, not really, but it's pretty damn cute.  As I'm sure you've guessed, pictures to follow next week.

  • I really hope I can get her to keep her "headpiece" on her head.  Her hair is so fine and while it's a good clip that the teacher chose, she hates to wear things in her hair right now.  Who knows?  That could all turn around by tomorrow.

  • Oh, this officially means that dance class is over for the summer too.  My life will have no direction whatsoever...sob, cry, heave.

  • What do you get a dance teacher as an appreciation gift, anyway?  Resin?  Tights?  Danskin Dollars?  (I made that last one up, but if Danskin picks up on it and uses it without giving me a cut, I'm suing their asses).

  • Potty training officially starts next weekend...any guesses on how long it will take?

  • Can someone please explain "crib lasagna" to me?  Oh, and do I use it during potty training or stomach viruses?  I'm such a Mom Dunce sometimes.

  • I'm so behind on blogs.  I feel like I've been saying that all month.

  • I'm having a brunch/jewelry party tomorrow...I can't wait.  I wish more people were coming (because that means more free shit for me), but it will be fun either way.

  • Can you believe that after spending all of last weekend with me, GG and Sister are coming in for Hailey's recital?  You'd think they'd be sick of me...actually, they've already told me that they're not coming to see me...just the Crazies.

  • The in-laws and SIL are coming too...wonder if Baby Landon (Keeper of the Binkies in case you're playing along) is coming too!  Hailey is so excited that everyone is coming to see her in her "sy-tal."

  • I'm losing my big's's how it went down at my Mother's Day pedicure:
    • Oh, Rebecca, you're getting a new toenail.
    • But I don't want a new toenail.
    • But you're getting one...right here.
    • How did this happen?
    • Oh, I don't just happen.  Nothing to worry about though.
    • What will happen to the old toenail?
    • It will fall off...nothing to worry about.
    • What do you mean "nothing to worry about?"  You just told me a part of my body is coming off.
    • It's no big happen.
    • Should I see a doctor?
    • big deal.
    • Ew...I'm a freak.
    • Hahahahahahahaaaaa....
  • And there you have it...I totally took medical advice from my nail technician.  I look at it this way...if you have the word "technician" in your title, then you are at complete liberty (if not obligation) to give me a sound and educated opinion.  

  • Yes, I realize that my standards need to be higher before I lose my entire foot!

  • Husband is sick of me pussy-footing around screaming, "my toe is falling off...don't step near me!!!"

  • I just got to use the word "pussy" in a completely appropriate way.

  • Have a great weekend you suckas!!!!  Love ya!
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