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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dance Video (and yes, you should watch it if you want to see a little girl who can't stop spinning) and poll results (because they're that important)

Ha...I am in love with sarcasm.

Watch this's 3 minutes of your life that you'll never get back, but the song may make you watch through I did.

Oh, and some poll results...can I just tell you that I LOVE getting your little votes.  Sure, maybe I didn't encourage you to vote for me ONCE on that blog thing that could make me totally awesome, but I love that you vote on my personal polls.

Oh wait...blogger is sucking ass right now...please stay tuned for regularly scheduled programming while blogger learns how to upload my pictures.

Ick...yes, Blogger, you're free, but WTF???  You're starting to remind me of AOL (right, Danifred?).

Anyway, you don't really need to SEE the polls, right?  You'll believe me, right?

Here's the gist...why did I think "gist" was spelled with a "y?"  DUR...

Like half of you are Moms of, should I do more crap about multiples?  Or just stay on the normal path to Crazy Boulevard?

Almost half of you think I should rename this blog to "Life with the Crazies," but isn't that a bit bland?  Aren't there a lot of "Life with Whomever?"  (or is it "whoever?")

I need spice...gimme some suggestions...RIGHT NOW!

Wait...why is Dancing With The Stars still on?  Is it the goddamn finale tonight???  WTF???  I had no idea.

Yes, I write my blog posts at night...after two glasses of champagne...what???  I had to get rid of it before the bubbles went bad!  Stop judging me...champagne is AWESOME!

Have I mentioned that today was the last day of preschool and I may or may not be starting to have a nervous breakdown!?!?!?  Did I mention that???  Well, I should have...that might explain my need for needing fresh bubbles.

That's all...I'm calling it a night.

May the best dancer win the shiny mirror're all hot and sexy...unlike my bubbly ass right now.