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Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - Summatime...

  • It's hot summatime hot.

  • I kind of love it.

  • We're blowing up the pool this weekend.

  • That's right...we rock a blow-up pool.

  • We might also visit the pool at the gym, but we'll see.  All the crazy people will be there, so I might wait until it dies matter how much I want to smell chlorine-y.

  • I went back to my Strength Yoga class this week...for the first time since I dislocated my knee cap.  I surprised myself by not only getting through almost all of the poses, but being able to do them relatively well.  I was very proud of myself.

  • I could tell that the instructor was kind of freaking out when she saw me back in the class.  She relaxed once she realized that I'm not a gimp anymore, but I can't blame her.  I'd be nervous too!

  • This house needs a good purge.

  • The Crazies were up at  5:45 yesterday...I just don't handle that well.  I totally threatened hissed at Matt that I would throw his excavator in the garbage if he didn't fall back to sleep.  Mother of the Year...right here.

  • You wanna know what I HATE about Spring?  Mulch...I can't stand that shit.  It's like dumping poop all over your yard.  Yes, it looks nicer, but it smells like a cow field.

  • Matt's going through a "my penis hurts" stage.  I have a feeling it's normal.  When asked if it actually hurts or if it just "feels weird," he always answers with the latter.  He told me the other day that it's moving around.  Damn unwieldy penis!

  • Then he does public...all the time.
Yes, the edges are blurred to protect the identity of kids who may not want to be around an unwieldy penis.
  • I'm getting a pedicure this weekend and I'm so afraid that she's just going to rip my toenail right off.  I'm drama here.

  • Speaking of drama...whenever Matt comes anywhere near Hailey, she freaks.  She screams like he's ripping her arm off.  So, we've talked about threatening behavior, but WTF does a 2 year old know about that?  Some of this toddler stuff is getting hard!

  • I was wearing a bathing suit yesterday and caught a glimpse of myself in our glass door...I'd like to know whose ass is on my body b/c I sure don't remember it looking like that...and not in a good way...sigh...

  • Matt fell down the outside stairs last night...right onto the brick patio...his head literally clunked on the brick.  The sound alone made my stomach turn.  Husband and I were right there and we tended to his wound immediately.  Somehow, the impact just left him with these little marks under the skin and nothing broke through.  He's pretty damn lucky.

  • The Crazies are officially in the "WHY?" makes me want to pull my eyelashes out one by one.

  • I'm making BBQ chicken this weekend even if Husband hates BBQ sauce.  Why should the Crazies and I be denied one of the biggest joys in life?

  • We're also going to get crabs (not like the STD kind...real crabs) it!

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