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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Current Events

Things happening in my house right we speak...presently:

  • I'm drinking TEA (blech, ick, puke) b/c they're shipping me another Keurig because it wouldn't turn on yesterday afternoon...after it worked perfectly yesterday morning.  I miss my coffee.
  • Husband is going for a 7-8 mile run with his Running Mistress (my best friend)...who does that?
  • Matt is telling me "all I need is to get dressed and come downstairs" and he's also inexplicably yelling "OW!"
  • Hailey is quietly reading her books to her stuffies.
  • There is still water in the blow up pool from yesterday.   Welcome, West Nile disease...we've been waiting for you.
  • My living room looks like we've been robbed, but the floors are clean...Husband felt the overwhelming need to vacuum right before we were leaving for a party at the neighbor's house.
  • My robe is too hot.
  • I am dreading spin, but looking forward to hanging out at the pool afterward.
  • I want coffee.
  • I am questioning my decision on allowing the Crazies to borrow library books with so many WORDS!  Did I not realize who would have to actually read these words???
  • My nerves are shot b/c I have a pedicure tomorrow and I'm wondering whether or not Christine (my nail "technician") is actually going to rip my big toenail off or not.
  • Matt had horrific nightmares last night...that kid needs to stay on a schedule or we're all screwed.
  • Hailey didn't like her jammies last night and when Husband finally pulled the right ones out, she screamed, "That's what I'm talkin' about!"
  • The dog is shedding like she has a disease...gotta love summer.
  • I'm wondering why I haven't taken the camera out in dayssssss...that's so unlike me.  Guess I'm actually living a bit of life rather than documenting it.
  • I've made a decision.
  • I need coffee.
  • It's quiet upstairs...that's odd.
  • Matt is now crying "my head" which can't be good...gotta run!