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Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - What I Learned This Week

This week I learned some stuff (God, could I sound less intelligent?):

  • I don't deal well with puke.
  • I really don't deal well if it's in the morning and it's dog puke.
  • I seriously don't deal well if the dog starts to try to eat her partially digested food.
  • That makes me want to puke and I gag like a Nancy.
  • Then I feel bad for her.

  • I can live without coffee.
  • That doesn't mean I necessarily want to.
  • I could possibly hug the FedEx guy for carrying my new Keurig across my front lawn.
  • I never thought that was possible.
  • He's kinda gross (I didn't learn that...I already knew that).

  • I can cry hysterically at a funeral in a television show.
  • I can sob and slobber at said funeral even if it's a high school musical drama show.
  • Then I can laugh at myself...even though it's really sad, I lost my shit over Glee.

  • I have a much cuter wardrobe in the summer.
  • I feel prettier when it's summer.
  • I like being tan (don't tell my dermatologist...I have to see her next week).
  • Tan for me is not what tan is for everyone else.  I'd call myself beige.

  • The Housewives of New York make me giggle.
  • They also make me roll my eyes.
  • Their "problems" are ridiculous.
  • Although, I do like the "Bush Shaper," Cindy...she's cool.

  • As much as I love the CSA, I am thankful when we don't have hoards of fruits and veggies around.
  • My kitchen is much less cluttered.
  • Although, I miss the fresh fruits and veggies.
  • I was spoiled.

  • I hate banks.
  • They play games.
  • They are stupid.
  • I don't like them.

  • It was much easier for me to put the Crazies down for their naps yesterday.
  • I didn't even lose my temper.
  • I just let them jump on their beds and crack jokes and laugh.
  • It's too bad that a FB status from a college friend is what made me check myself.
  • Her 3-year old daughter was headed to the ICU as I put my Crazies down.
  • They weren't sure what was wrong with her.
  • Too sad.
  • I really really really hope she's okay.

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