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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys?

So, I'm having this problem.

Matt is becoming increasingly violent toward Hailey.

Whenever you see your child hurt, you switch into Mama Bear mode, right?

Well, what if the child who hurt your other child is actually your child too?

At the same time that you want to throw the offending child across the room, you're also supposed to be soothing the one who has been hurt.  Oh, and trying to teach the offending child proper behavior.

I can't tell you how frustrating this is!

Yesterday they were thrown out of their routine.  We took a little day trip to see family.  They took a late nap in the car, but it was a nap nonetheless.

When we got home, we were all a little zonked, so we chilled.

At one point, Daddy was trying to get a movie on the Netflix.  The Crazies were sitting on his lap.  I was in the kitchen starting dinner.

All of the sudden, I hear Husband's Mad Voice...his Really Mad Voice.

I haven't heard this in a while.

He's telling Matt to get into time out NOW through gritted teeth.
Hailey's crying.

Matt's silent.

I go in and ask what happened...he had headbutted her for no reason...really really hard.

Seriously, the kid has a head like a bowling ball.

Hailey was okay...soaked up all the extra attention.

The timer beeped for Matt's time out to be over.  Typically the parent who issued the time out deals with the aftermath and the explanation.

Husband was still too mad, so I did it.

Matt acknowledged that what he did was wrong, apologized for it, and apologized to Hailey.  Hailey apologized right back...for some unknown reason.  I think she gets upset for Matt when she knows he's in big trouble.

What he did next broke my damn heart.  He went right over to where Husband was sitting and just stood there with his little bottom lip going in and out...trying his damndest not to cry.  Husband broke and pulled him up to have a little chat.

Then we're taking baths later on and he clocks her in the head with a water gun...TOTALLY UNPROVOKED!  WTF???

I dragged him out of the bathtub for his time out.  I was so mad, I couldn't even speak.

I didn't let him back in the tub b/c I felt that Hailey deserved a little alone time to play in the tub without the risk of a concussion.  Matt was so pissed and kept screaming about "I hafta be washed!!!"

What would YOU do?  This crap is not only ridiculous and annoying, but now it's getting dangerous.

Oh, and we're really trying not to resort to whacking him on his ass, but I can't tell you how badly I want to do it sometimes.  We're just of the thinking that if we do that, then he'll see it as an option.  Oh, and then we can't say "we don't hit in this house" either.

It's so weird when that Mama Bear instinct kicks in, but you can't follow it b/c the offender is also your offspring/spawn.