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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday Twelve

  1. Should I split the Crazies up into their own bedrooms when they turn 3 in August?
  2. If not, I'm getting rid of the dressers in our guest room and getting a desk to have my very own office space.  I'm tired of sharing the dining room with everyone...I'm sure everyone is sick of sharing it with me too.
  3. Sometimes I wonder why they don't make donating items easier.  I want to donate these dressers and a couch...I'm just kind of dreading what a PITA it's going to be.
  4. We have a contractor coming by on Friday to sign a contract for our kitchen renovation.  It's not a huge big deal, but we're basically updating everything.  We're saying good-bye to old cabinets, a rusty lazy susan, and stenciled apples on the walls.  I'm kind of nervous, but they're going to start when I'm away with the Crazies, so poor Husband will have to deal with the everyday nitty gritty himself.  I'm happy that we're getting it done, but I won't really be relaxed about it until it's finished.
  5. The basement is a mess...seriously.  I need to get my ass down there and clean it up, but I can't bring myself to do that knowing that it's just going to get messed up again.  I need to pull my big-girl panties up though b/c where in the world do I think we're going to be storing all of our kitchen stuff in a month???  DUH!!!
  6. I hate laundry.
  7. I can't wait for our vacation...not looking forward to the drive, but looking forward to getting away.
  8. I'm having minor surgery on Wednesday.  I need to get something removed and it will require a few stitches.  The tricky part?  It's right between my tatas, so how in the world am I going to keep it dry?  Not to be gross, but I get kinda sweaty there when I work out or spend time in the sun...WTF??
  9. We're totally going on a firehouse tour this week.  A friend of mine arranged it.  Matt is going to shit is pants.  It's going to be balls-ass hot though, so I can only hope that they're doing a photo shoot for Maryland's Hottest Firefighters...otherwise, I'll be surrounded by a bunch of smelly, sweaty, hairy, old men.
  10. Dog is doing better.  She stopped puking.  She won't eat her medicine.  She literally will eat around it, or spit it out.  Who knew she had such a delicate palette??
  11. Buzz Lightyear has a vagina and you can't tell Hailey otherwise.
  12. I got my new Keurig...thank the good Lord above.