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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Senior Week is Stupid

So, as we muddle through this season of graduations and prayers that our teenagers don't drink and drive, I have stumbled upon something else that drives me absolutely batshit crazy.

Senior Week.

What the hell is Senior Week?  And why does everyone in this damn state have to celebrate it!?!

For those of you who live in normal places and may not have heard of this phenomenon, here it is in a nutshell:
  1. Classes end for seniors...down here, seniors get out about 3 weeks before everyone else for some unknown reason (BTW, isn't that illegal...doesn't the law state that all students must be afforded 180 days of school?).
  2. Graduation occurs.
  3. Graduation parties occur.
  4. Drive to the beach for Senior Week.
  5. Get a hotel room with inappropriate people (a.k.a. your friends).
  6. Drink cheap beer.
  7. Lay out.
  8. Get tan.
  9. Get drunk.
  10. Get laid.
  11. Get an STD.
  12. Get scared.
  13. Realize you were too drunk to remember and you didn't actually have sex with that stranger.
  14. Drink because you don't have an STD.  Cheers!
  15. Hook up with some random stranger.
  16. Pass out in some random house.
  17. Do the walk of shame.
  18. Go back to your dive of a hotel room only to find that someone else is sleeping in your bed (Goldilocks goes to Senior Week?  WTF???) and have to sleep on the floor.
  19. Repeat for a week.
  20. Go home and mooch off your parents for the rest of the summer.
Sure, maybe it sounds like I'm a bit jealous and bitter, but I'm not (okay, maybe I am...shhhhhh...).
This sounds like the kind of "torture" one should endure when they're in college...not high school!

When I was a senior, we had Senior Cut Day for which we were threatened endlessly that if we participated, we wouldn't walk in graduation (so I never did b/c I was a lame-o).  We also went for the entire school year like everyone else.  We did not participate in Senior Week...which is probably why I've never heard of it.

Husband did Senior Week...he was a drunk sloppy mess.

Bahahahaha, but he went to lame!!!

Oh, and he regrets not cheating on his girlfriend...I picked a winner, huh?  (in his defense, he's a little bitter b/c she cheated on him at her Senior Week)

Anyway, he says that he would let the Crazies go to Senior Week...they'd only be 17 if they went to Kindergarten on time...does that seem like a good decision to you???  

Nope, me neither.

I think it's stupid.  I think it's a waste of money.  I think it's irresponsible.

That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

What about in your neck of the woods?  Do the seniors around you do anything "special" or "stupid?"

Did you do Senior Week?  What did you do?