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Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Wednesday morning I went down to get Dog some more food...I swore there was a half of a bag left.  
  • Anyway, I get almost down to the landing and realize that there is some black nasty shit on the looks like a bunch of feathers and a wing.  
  • Holy shit...holy shit...holy shit...
  • Suddenly, it comes to me that Dog has been sick for over a week and there was a weird sound coming from her throat from the beginning of the sickness.  
  • Oh my God...that sound was a bird!!!  The bird was trying to get out, it died in her stomach, and she just puked it up.
  • Holy shit...holy shit...holy shit...
  • I run up two flights of stairs to get Husband.  I make him come down to look at the dead bird.
  • I just can't believe it...why didn't this show up on the x-rays at the vet's office?
  • Husband comes downstairs with me...takes a closer look...lets me point out the "wing" to him.
  • He then informs me that it's just a huge pile of grass that must have been residing in her stomach.
  • Either way...GROSS (and I'm a complete idiot)!!!!

  • Went to the park the other day.
  • Is it me?  Or does no one get off their fat ass to play with their kids anymore?
  • Oh, and when you hear me repeatedly telling my Crazies to wait for the older girl who keeps going UP the slide (we're talking like five times in a row), you'd think you might be able to jump in and mention that she should take turns.
  • I'm not a fucking slide referee!
  • I'm just saying...get off your ass!!!

  • We went to a local firehouse Wednesday morning for a tour.
  • It was pretty awesome.
  • The Crazies learned what 9-1-1 means.
  • Matt did everything...Hailey did nothing...they were both happy.
  • After Matt went in two firetrucks and an ambulance, he jumped down and announced that he was "ready to see the BIG trucks now!"
  • Hysterical!!!

  • I had a little light surgery Wednesday morning (boy, Wednesday was busy, huh?).  
  • I had stitches right in the middle of my tatas.
  • There was gauze and tape on them, but I guess I got a little heated while I was dealing with Matt hitting me (that kid is damn obstinate lately) and the tape must have loosened.  Guess the stitches did too.
  • Apparently there's no better way to make a kid feel apologetic than to spontaneously start bleeding out of your chest while you're speaking to him.
  • It totally freaked him out.
  • He followed every instruction I had for him from that point forward.

  • The reason I mentioned splitting the Crazies up into separate rooms in Tuesday's post is as follows...Matt has horrific nightmares that are now waking Hailey up...they wake the whole damn block up to be honest.  Hailey's cute though...she keeps saying "Matt, you okay?  You okay, Matt?"  It's adorable.  That is the ONLY reason I'd split them at this point (okay, maybe I'd split them b/c it would mean shopping for a new room to decorate...that did cross my mind).

  • We finally ordered a new sheet set and duvet cover for our bed.  It's been years that we've been dealing with our original comforter and we're ready for a change.  Anyway, a great coupon came along from a company that we'd never typically purchase from, but the deal was pretty good.  
  • So, I'm excited.
  • The night that after we made the purchase, I literally had dreams of my new bedding.
  • Yes, I'm a loser.
  • So, they shipped...I'm ecstatic!
  • I check the tracking last night to get this...seriously??  Where are my effing sheets???

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